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    Best Cross Browser Testing Cloud Solution – LambdaTest Review

    Computing has come forward leaps and bounds in the last 5 years, especially so, when we’re talking about cloud computing or remote computing services. In a state where we now require little to no computational power to test out apps that we ourselves made.

    We’re reviewing one such Remote Testing service today, that goes by the name of LambdaTest.

    What is LambdaTest?

    Well, simply put LambdaTest is an online cross-browser compatibility testing service.

    Does that sound like gibberish to you? Look at it this way.

    You’re a web developer who’s only gone ahead and made one rad Web Application and are now ready to enter the testing period. What’s stopping you? Well, your goddamn computer!

    You see there are so many browsers out there. Chrome, Firefox, Safari the list goes on and on.  And each browser has different builds and versions of itself. You can’t possibly sit down and test out your application on each and every one of them by yourself right?

    Exactly. And that is where a service like LambdaTest comes in.

    They take your web application and test it out on all the different configurations you wish to test out on their own machines and give you automated screenshots IN REAL TIME.

    Why should you go for LambdaTest

    Well if you aren’t already sold at the simple idea of working more quickly and efficiently than ever then let’s go down and take a detailed look at all the features this service comes with


    Test your web app on various configurations

    With LambdaTest you’ll run tests of your website on up to 2000+ machine configurations which include operating Systems (Windows and Mac), Browsers and browser versions. All the remote browsers that you hire out also are available with pre-installed RIA software package and developer tools, therefore primarily you don’t even have to be compelled to get on a similar device you developed the code on, you’ll merely change things up on the go.

    Mobile support included

    With LambdaTest you’re not merely stuck on testing your web Application on Windows or Macintosh devices however you’ll conjointly test out the website on various android or iOS browser versions.

    The full list of devices includes Samsung, Google, Sony, LG, One Plus, HTC, Amazon, Motorola, Xiaomi, Huawei, Gionee, Oppo and Vivo. And in fact, in the iOS department, all versions of the iPhone and also the iPad is supported.

    You can additionally check the responsiveness of your app on completely different resolutions or different screen sizes.

    Salient Features

    The approach LambdaTest works when you need it to run tests on an enormous variety of configurations is by using an amazing feature of taking machine-controlled screenshots and screen recordings, this manner you’ll simply visualise how every test is proceeding in real time.

    Another nice testing perk is the Geolocation testing. With this, you’ll take a look at and ensure that your application works equally in numerous parts of the planet and ensure your users don’t have any problems wherein attempting to access your creation from different parts of the planet.

    A built-in issue tracker additionally helps you retain track of all the bugs and problems reported by different users, and helps you make certain your service remains uninterrupted.

    For a small price of $15 per month, we can see this service being useful to all developers who wish to simply run cross-browser tests but are limited in resources or time.

    There is a free month-long trial on their website ( if you wish to test out the water before going all in and selecting a plan for yourself.

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