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    IOTransfer 3 Review: Everything That You Need to Know

    Owning an iPhone or an iPad is surely a great thing but it also comes with a lot of disadvantages. Some of these disadvantages are storage issues, downloading issues, not being able to transfer songs, videos, etc. with non-iPhone users. Amidst issues like these, IOTransfer 3 iPhone Manager appears as a magical solution. It requires Windows 10, Windows 8/8.1, and Windows 7.

    Photos capture the memories one has cherished. So managing the photos becomes important but quite difficult and IOTransfer 3 helps to transfer and manage photos between iPhone, iPad and personal computer. Also, to save space, one can delete the unrequired photos in bulk, further solving the storage issues. Backing up of photos is now also possible without iTunes because of IOTransfer 3.


    Downloading and converting videos

    IOTransfer 3, IOTransfer 3 Review: Everything That You Need to Know


     One cannot easily imagine downloading the videos on an IOS device but IOTransfer 3 has made it also become real. With the help of IOTransfer 3 ‘online video downloader feature , one can not only watch desired videos on YouTube but can also download them on iPhone or iPad and watch them later whenever wish to do so. Many times our work requires converting videos in other formats like audio formats or MP3, MP4, etc. iPhone, iPod or iPod doesn’t allow this very easily but again IOTransfer 3 helps to convert the videos in other formats easily. So, basically, IOTransfer 3 has also solved the problem of watching the unsupported videos on the device.



    IOTransfer 3, IOTransfer 3 Review: Everything That You Need to Know


    Not only it facilitates conversion but also transferring of videos to iPhones, iPods, iPads or personal computers. All iPhone users know sharing any type of data in any format requires either iTunes or USB cable. But, IOTransfer 3 has got rid of both. It has helped me to transfer data without a USB cable and iTunes. With the help of AirTrans feature of IOTransfer 3, I am able to transfer photos, music, etc. via Wi-Fi between iPhone, iPod, iPad, and computer. It helps in wireless transferring of data from iPhone, iPad or iPod to a personal computer. Basically, IOTransfer 3 has made it so convenient for me to manage my files, transfer them, or delete them in bulk to save storage.


    Deep clean

    IOTransfer 3, IOTransfer 3 Review: Everything That You Need to Know


    The storage problem is the most recurring and the biggest problem of any iPhone, iPod or iPad user. The files on the Apple devices tend to occupy space very quickly. Also, the fact that no other external storage device like memory card can be used further increases the problem. So the deep clean’ feature of IOTransfer 3 removes the unnecessary files from our device, further clearing up the storage. In today’s extensive corporate world, no one can afford to lose their data. So to avoid loss of data, every person will back up the data to the computer. All the memos, photos, songs, videos, contacts, etc. stored on the iPhone or iPad get displayed on the screen of the computer with the help of IOTransfer 3.


    One click back up’

    Another feature of IOTransfer 3 that is ‘one click back up’ can be a great relief to the iPhone, iPad or iPod users since it will help them to back up the data in the easiest way by just one click. IOTransfer 3 can be considered as an iTunes alternative which is easy to manage and easy to use.


    Free tools and interface

    IOTransfer 3, IOTransfer 3 Review: Everything That You Need to Know


    IOTransfer 3 has also various free tools like free GIF maker. The use of GIFs on social media is constantly increasing day by day, thus making IOTransfer 3 more desirable. IOTransfer 3 is not supporting social media in this way only but also its other free tools like Instagram video downloader, Facebook video downloader, Instagram photo downloader, twitter video downloader, etc. also increase its use in the field of social media.  Lastly, the new interface used by IOTransfer 3 is convenient for use and more intuitive.

    So overall, IOTransfer 3 is a simple yet very helpful program for iPhone, iPod and iPad users. This will help to effectively manage their devices, easily transfer files to the computer or between the devices, download videos and convert those videos in the desired formats. Alongside these features, it has some free tools like free GIF maker, photo and video downloader from Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

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