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    How to Recover Lost Images with Free SD Card Recovery Software

    What can be worse than losing all your precious pictures stored in the SD card? Isn’t it heartbreaking that when you insert the SD card in your laptop, windows says that the card is corrupted and you aren’t able to open any picture? This situation of data loss isn’t a being wonder and a lot of people keep facing this situation. In such situations where you want to recover data from SD card Disk Drill comes as a true saviour. Disk Drill allows one to recover deleted files from SD card with just one click. It is available for free and can recover not only pictures from the SD card but also audios, videos, music, text, etc. Disk Drill for windows, in fact, can recover over 300 file formats from all popular storage devices. This data recovery process is very fast in most cases. Disk Drill also allows micro SD card recovery. The official website of disk drill is


    To recover lost images with Disk Drill one has to follow these steps:

    1. The first thing which needs to be done is to stop using the corrupted SD card as soon as possible. Because one isn’t able to the files, so he or she might think that the files aren’t there, but they are actually there and Disk Drill can find these files. Therefore, one needs to download the free version of Disk Drill right away to verify that the SD card is still readable and the files can be recovered.
    2. Once downloaded, users need to install and start Disk Drill for windows. Then, one needs to click on the recover button and the lost files will recover from the digital graveyard.
    3. Then, there will be a long list of lost files. All the user has to do is filter and select the files which he or she wants to recover.
    4. A secured backup will be automatically created which helps in recovering the files with just one click.
    5. The user will then have to select the file which he or she wants to keep and the ones that are of no use. The user will have to choose the destination where the files would be recovered.
    6. Disk Drill will perform its task like magic and recover the lost files within few seconds.

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    • EASY TO USE: The recovery process using Disk Drill is effortless. It has been designed by keeping casual users in mind. But at the same time, Disk Drill is also suitable for IT professionals. It doesn’t require any lengthy user manual with difficult technical terms. Rather, it isn’t at all complicated and also doesn’t require any past experience in data recovery or deep knowledge.
    • AVAILABLE FOR FREE: The developers of the professional data recovery solutions assume that their users don’t have much knowledge, so they charge very high amounts of money. But Disk Drill offers a free trial version which lets the user recover up to 1 GB of data.
    • FILTERATION AND SEARCH CAPABILITIES: After beginning the recovery process and selecting the storage device, a long list of files will appear on the screen. The list will include random files as well along with the files the user has been looking for. Separating the files would be nearly impossible if the Disk Drill’s filters and search capabilities weren’t there.
    • OTHER DATA PROTECTION TOOLS: Disk Drill also provides data management and data protection tools. One of them is recovery vault which monitors and protects the selected files and folders by automatically creating a secured backup. These other tools provided by Disk Drill are free of cost.

    Owing to its fast data recovery process and the attractive features, with 10+ million downloads; Disk Drill is preferred SD card data recovery software.

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