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    How to Recover Deleted Files with EaseUS Data Recovery

    EaseUS is one of the best data recovery software which is available for free. One can easily recover the formatted, deleted or the lost data from the computer, laptop or other removable devices like memory cards, USB drives, etc.

    With around 72,000,000 happy users, EaseUS has proved its capability as a performer. It can recover the lost data in any form, be it files or documents, pictures or videos. It has proved itself as an all in one free data recovery software for different loss situations. EaseUS can recover more than 1000 types of file types like documents, graphics, video, audio, email, and other files.  Be it some deletions, formatting errors, crashes or virus attacks, EaseUS will appear as a magical solution.


    There are various functions EaseUS can perform like:

    Accidentally deleted files recovery:

    EaseUS can help to quickly recover the accidentally deleted data or the data affected by the virus attacks.

    Ease US Data Recovery



    Formatted recovery:

    When one format a disk, the data is not erased from the disk, but only the data on the address table. So retrieving the lost data after the formatting is possible.


    Lost partition recovery:

    Many times it happens that the whole partition is missing. In such situations, the recovery of data seems to be impossible. But yet again, EaseUS appears as a magical solution.


    Hard drive damage:

    EaseUS data recovery software free allows users to find data again even when the hard drive is corrupted and is inaccessible.


    Recycle bin empty data recovery:

    EaseUS helps users to selectively recover the deleted files after emptying the recycle bin, which otherwise again seems to be an impossible task.


    Virus attack recovery:

    Virus attacks on computers are very normal and can make them work slowly and abnormally. EaseUS helps to recover the data quickly in a smooth manner.


    OS crash recovery:

    By providing a downloadable WinPE bootable media, EaseUS makes recovery of files from crashed windows operating system possible.


    Raw partition recovery:

    EaseUS is the best free data recovery software which allows the users to regain access to the lost stored data even in a situation where hard disk or partition suddenly becomes raw.


    • Data recovery process:

    EaseUS data recovery wizard free directs on how to locate and recover the lost files from PC, laptop, memory card, hard drive, SSD, USB, etc. The features of the data recovery process which make the software so preferable are:

    1. Click, fast and simple

    The entire process can be completed in just three simple steps. One can easily recover the lost and deleted files. And the best part is that no prior recovery experience is required.


    1. Availability of Flexible scanning modes

    There are two scanning modes available:

    • Quick scan – This scan helps to search for deleted files and folders using a basic algorithm for quick results.


    • Deep scan – To ensure the recovery results, the storage device is scanned sector by sector.


    1. Preview before final recovery

    Previewing of all the files which can be recovered is possible and one can choose what he or she particularly wants to recover. This helps in avoiding the unnecessary recovery.

    To make the EaseUS data recovery software usable by all, the software is available in three editions:


    1. Data Recovery Wizard Free
    2. Data Recovery Wizard Pro
    3. Data Recovery Wizard Pro + WinPE

    So, in overall, EaseUS data recovery software is very helpful software available for free. Every time you will lose data, it will definitely come up as a magical solution. It can recover any type of data in any form lost in any situations. This is a must-have software and everyone must use it.

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