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    Hoverwatch Review: The Best Tracking and Monitoring Service

    Being an owner of a company is a big responsibility. You need to be really careful about the vital data of your company that is susceptible to leakage. To prevent such things, you need really good tracking software. Hoverwatch is one of the exceptional software that offers the best tracking services. Its Android app is really popular with the parents as they can monitor every activity of their kids using Hoverwatch’s Android app. The availability of this software for Windows and Mac devices makes things simpler for the business owners. Let’s explore it in details.

    hoverwatch review, Hoverwatch Review: The Best Tracking and Monitoring Service

    Hoverwatch – A Brief Knowhow

    Hoverwatch is a powerful tracking application that can be used for monitoring the computers as well as Android devices. It was initially designed to meet the needs of the parents who wanted to track the smartphones of their children. The Windows and Mac version of the app helped the employers to monitor the activities of their employees without letting them know. It’s multi-functional software that can meet the needs of both parents and the employers.

    Ultimate Features of Hoverwatch for Android Smartphones

    Hoverwatch is a smart cell phone tracking application that is used by more than 1million users around the globe. Some of the best monitoring functions it offers to the Android users are as follows:

    • Track SMS and Other Messages: You can track the SMSs sent or received on the Android phone, can check the number of times a message is sent/received, read the content of the SMS, stay aware of the sender, and can even monitor the images. You can even spy on WhatsApp or SnapChat conversations going on the Android phone on which the app has been installed.
    • Track the Phone Calls: You can monitor the incoming, outgoing, and missed calls along with the duration of the call, name of the person, and few other data logs.
    • Spy on Social Media Activities: You can spy on the social media activities of the user of the targeted mobile device. You can check what’s he/she is doing on Facebook, Viber, and few other social media and IM apps.
    • Track GPS Location: The GPS location of the targeted device can be tracked easily in real time. You can know the exact location of the targeted device if the internet can be accessed on that device.
    • Front Camera Photo: Another classy feature of this app is the front camera photo. It activates the front camera of a device and lets you capture the photos automatically.

    Ultimate Features of Hoverwatch for Windows & Mac Computers/Laptops

    The employers can keep their sharp eyes on the activities of their employees using the Hoverwatch software for Windows or Mac devices. Some of the essential monitoring features provided by this tool are:

    • Track Web Browser History: You can get the information about the URLs visited, web titles, date & time, bookmarks, and other weblogs.
    • Desktop Screenshots: Hoverwatch can capture the screenshots of the desktop regularly. An employer can easily monitor what his/her employees are doing on the desktop.
    • Spy on Keystroke Details: It is possible to track the usernames, passwords, and even the web browser search requests using this feature.
    • Web Cam Photos: The employer can capture the photos using webcam in real time and track the surroundings.
    • Spy on Chats: You can even spy on the messages sent/received through PC messengers by the user of the targeted device.


    Hoverwatch offers three different plans to the users – Personal, Family, and Business. The personal plan is billed at $8.33/month and you can monitor just one device. The Family plan is billed at $3.33 per device/month and you can monitor up to 5 devices while the Business plan is billed at $1.67 per month/device and you can monitor up to 25 devices. It offers a 7-Day money back guarantee to the buyer.


    • Free trial version available.
    • Affordable pricing structure.
    • Invisible operation.
    • Multi-platform oriented.


    • Not available for iOS.


    Hoverwatch is one of the best spying and tracking app for Android, Windows, and Mac users. It is used by 1 million users globally and is well-known for its superb invisible operations. The device user can never get to know that an app with the name Hoverwatch is installed on his/her device.

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    Alex Cooper

    Tracking and monitoring have become an important part of parenting. I don’t think our parents could have even thought about it but, now every parent is in search of a good parental app. My six-year-old kid spends a lot of time with his iPhone. To ensure his safety I track all his activities as it is my legal right to do so. I am using Xnspy and it works quite well. Kids are kids; they can’t take care of themselves. We have to make their digital devices safer for them.