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    Denim Update for Lumia Review, Features and Release

    Well the 2014 year is coming to an end as the nokia name has been turned to microsoft the microsoft has released a new update named the Denim update. well whats special in denim update ? what speciality does it have? how will it make my mobile cooler or lag free? how good are the camera tweaks all you will be knowing in below.

    As per the present information the Denim update in eygpt, poland, brazil and china .

    Well the Denim update brings you a passive listner i.e cortana which is much like or way better than siri. its a just like your personal assistant which answers to your each any every question and notes your things records yor memo etc and much more

    whats is denim update?

    only Cortana no way microsoft would not be that foolish to release an update named denim just for the sake of the Cortana well the microsoft had given much more in the denim update.

    Features Denim update for lumia 520, 720, 625, 1020 and 1320 :

    features denim update

    well microsoft have given you much new and improved tweaks to the camera . now the lumia devices are capable of recording 4K video , rich capture and improved image optical stabilizer.

    before the relasong it was code named as Debian Red . as the lumia got the updates in the alphabetical order its named D for Lumia Denim as of the A for Lumia Amber, B for Lumia Black , C for lumia Cyan.

    Never miss the important things just caputre the pics as fast as the camera starts up and take numerous pics just in a milli second.
    long press the camera button within any app and the 4k recording will automatically started. the 4K video bring recorded is with 24 fps (ie 24 frames per second). each frame is of high quality image at 8.3 mega pixels allowing every single frame of the 24 frames to be saved as the high quality image.

    Get the best shots with the rich capture . rich capture just simplifies the taking of the picture with an auto HDR and dynamic flash

    Lumia Latest Updates

    Get the best low light picture like never before withe the new denim update.

    The devices which will be getting the denim update for Lumia 730 , Lumia 735 and the lumia 830 . The lumia icon(i.e lumia 929 version ) will be geting the Denim update in the january 2015.The lumia 930 has also got the denim update in some of the european countries.The Lumia 1520 in the Finland has got the Denim updateThe lumia 928 and lumia 822 of the version will be getting windows 8.1 update in the jan 2015
    Well as it comes to the asia the devices which are rooling out on the denim updates are Lumia 720 in bangladesh; lumia 520, 525, 625, 720, 720T in china lumia 520, 525, 625, 620 ,720, 1320 in hongkong; lumia 520 in india; lumia 520, 625 in indonesia; lumia 520, 625, 720 in taiwan etc.

    Denim Update Release date 

    mostly in next year all the devices will be getting the lumia Denim update.

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