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    CRITIQUE – Marvel’s Jessica Jones; What to Expect?

    Jessica Jones

    Pleasant Surprise!


    Marvel’s Jessica Jones follows the life of Jessica Jones, played by Krysten Ritter, who is a private detective in Hell’s Kitchen, after her career as a vigilante superhero took a tragic turn. Jessica is gifted individual and often takes clients who are gifted like her. Using her unconventional methods of investigation, she helps anyone who’ll cut her paycheck. The series manages to revolve around Jessica, despite the several sub-plots, which often go off-track. The series has been widely acclaimed for it’s portrayal of dark topics such as rape, sexual assault and PTSD, which are often neglected. Krysten Ritter delivers one of her best performances. 

    The series one of the very few shows, which dares to diverge from TV stereotypes. If you like Marvel’s Daredevil, you will enjoy this one. Must watch for Marvel’s fans.

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