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    App Store vs Setapp: Comparison of the Main Features

    When there is only one provider of a service or product you need, it’s called a monopoly. Monopolies are no good because they make you pay more and there’s no competition to push them to grow. Apple App Store used to be a monopoly as the only place where MacOS users could get their apps. Not any more, though.

    It’s important for all Apple devices to know that there’s an alternative. Setapp lets you download the same apps, but the store works under different principles. For some users, it may be the better app store for Mac.

    Let’s see: should you start using Setapp or should you stay faithful to the good-old App Store? We’ll discuss the pros and cons of each Mac store app so it will be easier for you to decide.


    What Is the Apple App Store?

    The App Store Apple is the default place where you can download applications for your Mac. It’s not a platform that hires designers and instructs them to design specific apps. It’s open for all developers who want to feature their apps on it. The developers have a lot of flexibility to develop app features, and they can also set their price.

    Still, Apple regulates the apps that are being distributed via the Apple App Store. First of all, the developer needs an Apple Developer Program membership (which costs $99) if they want to feature an app there. Once they get that membership and develop an app, Apple has to check and approve it. 


    What Makes SetApp Different? 

    The Setapp apps are no different from the ones you find in the App Store Apple.

    Then how is this platform different from App Store?

    It’s a platform that curates apps. The team chooses the best apps from each category and recommends them to its users. There’s a difference in the prices, too. Instead of paying for each app that you want to download and install, you pay a monthly membership for Setapp ($9.99 + VAT). With that, you can use all Setapp apps without additional charges and without limitations.


    The Pros and Cons of Apple App Store

    Let’s start with the good things:

    • The official App Store Apple gives you access to a greater number of apps. If you need a productivity app, you’ll get a seemingly endless list of apps to try before you make the final decision.
    • Some apps give you a trial period before you make the full payment.
    • Each app is being tested and verified before its distribution through the app store for Mac.

    But are there any disadvantages? Of course, there are. When you analyze things, you’ll always find something that could’ve been improved. Let’s see: what doesn’t work so well with the Apple store?

    • The apps often crash and it takes time for the developers to fix the issues. Although Apple has to test and approve the apps before featuring them in the store, the testers don’t have enough time to reveal all flaws. So, we get crashing apps.
    • There are too many apps in each category, so you usually try several before choosing the one you stay with. Sure; you can try trial versions. But too much choice creates confusion, don’t you think?
    • Some apps are very expensive. The price may reach hundreds of dollars. And even if you install a free app, you may need to pay for the best features. The costs add up.   


    The Pros and Cons of SetApp

    Whenever there’s competition, the industry improves. Here’s why Setapp works:

    • You pay a monthly fee of only $9.99 to use everything in the store. We’re talking about full versions of apps. You will not be required to pay extra for in-app purchases like in the App Store. You get the real deal and you can use as many apps as you’d like to.
    • If $9.99 + VAT seems like a big commitment, you can use try the store for free for seven days. If you like what you get, you can start paying for a monthly membership.
    • There are more than 130 Setapp apps, and they are carefully curated. If you need a productivity app, you get a choice of the top ones from the App Store. The Setapp team tested them so you can rest assured you’re getting the best of the best.
    • When an app is featured in Setapp, the developers take responsibility to keep it working all the time. They are very focused on providing functional updates, so the store will keep featuring their product.

    What about the disadvantages, then?

    • You don’t get thousands of apps, you only get 130+ apps. Some consider this an advantage, but others get bored by limitations.
    • When you stop paying the membership, you lose access to the apps from your Setapp folder. That policy makes sense.


    What’s the Best App Store to Use for Mac?

    If you’re using apps that require one-time payment and you don’t need many of them on your Mac, maybe you don’t need the Setapp membership. But if you use very expensive apps and you want to install several of them, you’ll spend less money by using SetApp.

    The best part is that Setapp gives you access to all apps for free during a 7-day trial period. Try it and do your math! It’s a great alternative to the Mac App Store, to say the least. For many users, it’s the superior option.

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