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    Amazon Automate Pricing Reviewed – The Pros and Cons

    Repricing for Amazon helps sellers stay competitive. Amazon has its own repricer tool for sellers, which is integrated into the seller central. So, how does it work, and is it really helpful to sellers?


    Amazon Automate Pricing

    Amazon repricer tool for sellers is integrated into the seller central dashboard, it’s free for all sellers with a professional account.  It lets sellers automate price changes and set certain parameters that control these changes.


    Amazon Automate Pricing Overview

    Login to the Seller Central and access Automate Pricing, under the Pricing tab. You then create your rules. Give your rule a name, and then choose whether you want to compete against the lowest price or the Buy Box price. Next, choose if you want to match the reference price, or go above or below it. Then select the margin of price change – by a specific amount like $0.10, or a percentage, say 2%.

    You can also set filters for the type of offers you want to compete against –

    • All offers for the Same ASIN and conditions,
    • Or you can filter by fulfilment method
      • Only offers with the same fulfilment method
      • Only offers from other third-party sellers

    You will get a Summary of the conditions you have set for the rule, displayed at the bottom of the page. Go through this to ensure you have set the rule as you want it. Click Save and Select SKUs. This will take you to the next page, where you can select the SKUs for which you want to apply this pricing rule. For each SKU, set the minimum and maximum price to stay within, when adjusting the prices. You can add more rules, delete or edit the rules, pause a rule for some time, and restart it again.


    Amazon Automate Pricing Advantages

    • Amazon Automate Pricing is a free Amazon repricer for all those who have a Professional seller account on Amazon
    • Automate Pricing is integrated into your seller dashboard, it is easy to access. Just log in, and choose to automate Pricing under the Pricing Menu
    • It is from Amazon, so it works seamlessly with Amazon’s overall pricing system. It gets easy access to all the data and processes to adjust prices in accordance with Amazon pricing rules
    • It has a very intuitive user interface, so it is pretty easy to set up rules and apply them to SKUs
    • It is easy to manage the rules and link or unlink them from specific SKUs


    Disadvantages of Automate Pricing from Amazon

    • With this repricer, it is easy to get to the bottom. Other Amazon repricers generally apply incremental changes, letting you take an appropriate action to control the price fall. With Amazon Automate Pricing, it can be one instant leap
    • With other repricing tools, you can choose to exclude specific third-party sellers, but this repricer doesn’t give you that option
    • You cannot really mix and match fulfilment methods. If you choose to compete against offers with the same fulfilment method as yours, and you are an FBA seller, then you can’t effectively compete against other types of sellers. For instance, if the Buy Box goes to a Merchant Fulfilled (MF) offer, your pricing will not be effectively adjusted because your rules only work against other FBA offers
    • Most importantly, if your price goes down, there’s no way to automatically hike it up again. Other repricing tools like Intelligence Node’s 360° Pricing Automation Amazon repricer watch out for opportunities like a competitor running out of stock for a popular product to raise your price and maximise profit

    Amazon Automatic Pricing is a convenient Amazon repricer tool, and it is free to use. However, it does not allow bulk application of rules. It doesn’t give you flexible control over who you compete against. With Amazon Automate Pricing, you can adjust prices to stay competitive, but if you hit the bottom in the price race, it’s harder to get back up again.

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