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    A Brief Outlook on Honor’s Magic – The Phone of Future

    With the integration of mobile world which is progressing rapidly, one brand has made news regarding its venture into Artificial Intelligence via its ambitious phone Honor Magic.
    The Pixel device was a big flop due to not attempting anything unique to set it apart from other devices. The tech giants Samsung and Apple also have attempted only in integrating revamped features. The endeavors by LG and Motorola also ended in disaster. This paves way for users to be frustrated regarding this.

    The Honor brand is in the limelight with its Honor Magic device which effectively makes use of the terminology magic.

    Its exterior appearance looks polished with liquid curved edges but the main attribute to focus on is its revolutionary software, which creates a wonderful & captivating encounter for its users.

    honor magic, A Brief Outlook on Honor’s Magic – The Phone of Future

    This brand focuses on venturing into the future to sell astounding devices at a later period of time rather than selling products which are not up to the mark at present. The brand is also unaffected by its various rivals and their schemes

    The device could surely captivate people in the US with its innovative and revolutionary aspects.

    The device exactly predicts what the users desire. Like Google’s Assistant, Honor’s Android 6.0 related Magic Live UI takes the extra step forward packed with exciting attributes.

    The product makes use of the Tobii eye tracking feature which allows the smartphone to turn on without manual consent when just looking at it. Also integrated is another attribute called FaceCode which is related to the face recognition technology. The home button is revamped as a lively fingerprint scanner. Another revolutionary aspect is that the buttons related to Recent Apps and the Back functionality are removed, integrating their functionalities with the swipe of the Home button in the left and right directions respectively.

    The product’s integrated Artificial Intelligence is its most interesting feature currently. The lock screen creates a shortcut key without any manual intervention of the user related to their characteristics.

    honor magic, A Brief Outlook on Honor’s Magic – The Phone of Future

    The device tries to predict the eating aspects of the user and will provide various shortcuts detailing the user’s preferred restaurants. It also tries to venture into the prospect of predicting which type of music the user prefers and implements the short cut at their use. When entering a dark room, the shortcut will become a flashlight.

    The device intelligently brings up related data on the lock screen depending on the user’s appropriacy. For instance, a scanning code will be displayed when the user reaches a theater and has purchased tickets previously.

    It is due to the dedicated & exhaustive survey which done worldwide has implemented the charm of magic in the product, innovating a new approach rather than going by typical traditional ways. These products in the overseas market are sold rapidly and are provided in restricted stock.

    Due to the presence of many intense evaluations and such steps, the debut of this product in the U.S. is not bound to happen in the near future. This revolutionary smartphone paves the way to a timeline where everything is instinctive and not typically traditional. The products assimilate user behavior details to function effectively.

    In spite of the fact that this device is not going to be launched in the US anytime soon, the Honor Brand is going to be the focus of attention at the Consumer Electronics Show and people are excited to know the various aspects they have packed for the US domain.

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