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    5 Best Alternatives for ZbigZ Premium Online Torrent Client

    Lots of people don’t know that, now downloading of torrent files are become easy and fast. But how to download the torrent files fast? Lots of people are not aware of the ZbigZ, the ZbigZ is a bridge between the user and the huge data storage i.e. BitTorrent Network. We usually like to download videos, songs, albums, books and so on. Most of the files are too big and it needs a lot of time to download it as well as one has to find out the software, then install it, then run it, lots of complications are there. But now, one doesn’t have to face lots of complications about the software to download the torrent file. An easy and simple way to download the file is ZbigZ.


    What ZbigZ Exactly Do?

    It is very important to know that what ZbigZ do. ZbigZ allows the access to the networks which possess a huge number of files that include movies, videos, books, applications and music albums. Previously, to download any file, firstly we have to download the software then we have to wait for a longer time, but now ZbigZ makes a person’s work easy. When one uses ZbigZ then he or she will not require downloading any kind of software, all work will be done by ZbigZ. A person just has to search the query and chose the file that he or she wants to download it.

    ZbigZ runs on all web browsers, even on the mobile phones. One can access two types of accounts in ZbigZ i.e. free account and ZbigZ premium account. I the free account, you are able to use only the basic feature while in the premium account, one can use all the features offered by the ZbigZ. For a premium account, one has to pay some extra money. Some people don’t want to spend money for the premium account, in that one will get the ZbigZ premium account for the free, for that one has to follow the few steps and he or she will be able to access the ZbigZ premium account features.


    What are the alternatives for ZbigZ?

    Everything has its alternative, so one can use another alternative if one thing is not working. In the same manner, ZbigZ also has alternatives. So here are the 5 Best Alternatives for Zbigz Premium Account, they are:


    #1. Filestream

    It is one of the best alternative to ZbigZ. It is better quality server, as well as the download speed, is more than the ZbigZ. Filestream allows the user to download more than 1GBPS. Through Filestream, one can easily download the torrent files. Filestream also supports the hundreds of other sources, so one can easily download from the file sharing sites or famous video streaming sites. All connections are encrypted, so the privacy of a user is completely protected. You can also select the individual files from the torrent archives plus it also supports the online streaming. But it is a paid service and you have to pay a small amount for a year.

    Go to Filestream


    #2. BytesLoader

    Another alternative to ZbigZ is BytesLoader. The users found the BytesLoader very reliable as well as easy to use. Most of the people need lots of download option. Hence, it is a perfect place for those people, who want so many download options. BytesLoader has an online ‘Download Manager’ that means it is pre-configured. So one can easily download the files and most importantly, one can download the entire YouTube list for free and within a few clicks.

    Go to BytesLoader


    #3. Bitport

    zbigz alternatives, 5 Best Alternatives for ZbigZ Premium Online Torrent Client

    It is another alternative to ZbigZ. Bitport provide a better service as compared to ZbigZ, it provides better service regarding cloud storage and direct torrent downloads. Bitport has SSL encryption, so ICP will not trace one’s online activity. A person can register free on the Bitport, and then one will be able to download torrent upto 2GB from the free account. One can download the torrents by using Bitport, so through that you will get the unlimited bandwidth and download speed. Bitport gives a secure dashboard and its servers are faster. It also has a premium account, for that you have to pay extra money.

    Go to Bitport


    #4. Offcloud

    It is another alternative of ZbigZ and it is the best site to download the torrent files. One can easily download the files by using phone or laptop. It gives 100% secure connection to the torrent files as well as has the fast download speed and resumes support. It has a secured connection, so no one can trace the online activity of a person. It also has a premium account, so if one wants to access all the features then he or she has to pay for the premium account.

    Go to Offcloud


    #5. Filesloop

    It is one of the best alternatives which is fast as well as free. It is far better than the Zbigz. It also has a premium account and one can download the files at very good speed without any limitation of download speed. It has monthly, 60 days and 90-day packages, so as per your requirement, you can buy a package for your premium account. One can easily download the torrent file without any hassle and restriction as well as it has full secured connection, so no one will be able to trace your system that what you are doing online.

    Go to Filesloop




    These are the best 5 alternatives of Zbigz. Most of the alternatives have the paid version, which means to access all the features, one has to pay money. But if one needs a premium account of Zbigz, then without paying money or taking the survey, one can avail the benefits of ZbigZ premium features. Whatever torrent file you want to download, you can download it with the premium features of ZbigZ as well as with its alternative options.

    These are easily available and one can access all the services in an efficient manner. You don’t have to put lots of efforts and money to enjoy the premium features of ZbigZ, one will get the free premium account of ZbigZ easily. A person just has to do some online research and get the details about that how to get the free ZbigZ free premium account.

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    I tried most of the services. I don’t know why but you didn’t mention about Boxopus. I think that has the best price-quality ratio at the market. I often watch movies on my smart TV by using Boxopus FTP. It’s really cool and easy! I hope this comment will help someone resolve the problem of downloading torrents.