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    15 Reasons Why Galaxy S7 Is Better Than LG G5

    What’s up guys Anwar Abir here in the Galaxy s7 and LG G5 are two great phones that do a lot of the same things? So in this two-part bumble style post series, we’re going to be looking at the differences and reasons why one phone can be considered better than the other.

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    1. This jump right in reason number one ip68 water and dust resistance with the S7. You don’t have to worry about accidental spills and can even clean your phone after using it with dirty hands.
    2. Wireless charging built in wireless charging not only lets you change your phone on any charging pad but can also help lessen the wear and tear on the charging port.
    3. Multi-window multitasking uses two apps on the screen at the same time with many apps supporting the multi window feature.
    4. One-handed operation triple pressing the home button will shrink the screen making it a whole lot easier to use with one hand.
    5. Ultra power saving mode going a step beyond the standard saver mode. Ultra power saving basically transforms your smartphone into a dumb poem turning would be hours of battery life in two days.
    6. Dedicated heart rate sensor using this sensor you can easily track your heart rate with the included s health app.
    7. Samsung pay works almost anywhere that accepts credit cards compared to android pay on the g5 which only works at terminals with NFC.
    8. Physical buttons a physical home button with capacitive back in recent keys makes backing out apps one step quicker without taking up any precious screen real estate.
    9. Game tools from locking the capacitive buttons to recording gameplay this feature takes gaming on the Galaxy S7 to the next level.
    10. SOS messages a triple press of the power button can automatically send emergency contacts and alert with your GPS location photos from the front and rear cameras along with a short audio recording.
    11. Smart stay this feature uses the front facing camera to prevent the phone’s display from turning off while you’re looking at.
    12. Smart alert when you have an unread message the S7 will vibrate when you pick it up letting you know about it without you actually having to look at the screen.
    13. Better low-light photos the lower f-stop and larger pixels on the SMS camera gives you better looking photos in low-light
    14. Better display both phones have great displays but the S7 is arguably the best display out there with rich colors deep blacks and the ability to change the screen mode to your liking.
    15. Finally reason number 15 easier to hold the S7 is both shorter and narrower than the G5 making it easier to hold and use with one hand.


    Ok, so those are some of the best reasons why the Galaxy S7 can be considered better than the LG G5.

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