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    Why Is It Imperative to Include Voice Technology in Mobile Apps?

    The stats speak for themselves. By 2020, 50% of all searches will include voice. One in every five searches on the Google Android Apps is done through voice and over 60 million individuals in North America utilize digital voice assistants all the time. And this is the reason because of which voice technology in mobile apps is imperative.

    All stats say that 2019 will be the breakout year for voice searches.

    So, as a business, what are your chances to take advantages of this emerging trend? How can it help your industry or business in increasing revenues? The answer is: embed it into your business mobile app. The mobile application development has made a serious step towards this direction and voice is expected to get major importance when it comes to developing the business mobile apps for coming future.


    In What Type of Apps You Can Leverage the Potentials of Voice Technology?

    In M-commerce apps

    The AI-based voice apps are capable of understanding what a user needs, how he is interacting with the application and afterward provide the desired response that matches up with the user’s behavior.

    The M-commerce industry can leverage the benefits of voice technology in mobile apps by helping their customers in shopping or other tasks with a customized response in voice after understanding their purchase history browse history, micro-interactions, and demographics. The voice search is much appreciated by the users as it provides the experience of shopping in a physical store where the salesman deals with the users as per their likings.


    In Travel-based apps

    The travel industry has already embraced voice technology in mobile apps by incorporating it at every touch point in the modern traveler’s journey. There are huge numbers of mobile applications that simplify the booking and research process with voice. Certain travel organizations are changing the trends by utilizing voice technologies for making the details available of foreign destinations to the travelers in several native languages.

    With numerous hotels providing services to worldwide travelers, language obstructions frequently harm the customer experience. But, by giving voice assistants to visitors and staffs, translation can be made easier. This minor expansion can drastically enhance customer satisfaction and additionally provides a seamless travel experience.


    In Payment-based apps

    Voice control and retinal scanning are the two advanced payment technologies that are getting significant traction in the USA to make the payments on the web. This trend isn’t foreseen to be wiped out in the years to come. Progressively, the people are utilizing Google Now or Amazon Alexa for payment transfer over voice.

    It’s amazing. Isn’t it? Simply say to your assistant and your payment is done!

    The voice payments are getting a positive reaction from the users and above all, it’s secure. Including voice payments in mobile applications that have integrated payment systems is amazing because of the extraordinary convenience it offers amid checkouts. For example, the voice technology in the restaurant mobile application development empowers the opening of the menu, food ordering and then payment of the order as the user speaks.


    In Healthcare apps

    Using voice technology in mobile apps for healthcare industry can make quality healthcare services more proficient, convenient and efficient. Providing patients access to hands-free technology enables them to effortlessly control TV channels, room temperature and additionally other voice-activated settings. This easy addition can make patients feel better by giving them more control over their conditions.

    It can also help medical caretakers in taking better care of patients by reminding them to take care of their diet and health via voice messages.


    In Retail Apps

    It sounds magical when you don’t have to make the effort to look into your smartphone to read the notification, rather, the voice notification will itself speaks to tell you what’s there inside. It’s amazing to draw the user’s attention towards the notification by diverting them from the present task and moderating the chances of notifications get disposed of.

    Voice search in retail applications can help organizations tremendously by notifying clients over voice about the offers or discounts when they are in the nearby region of your store. When you send push notifications in the text to users while they are in your close vicinity, chances are they will not read your notification. But, with voice technology, you can force your users to hear about what special you are offering. However, you need to be a bit careful while doing this; its overuse may force users to uninstall your app because of frustrating voice messaging creating huge noise as well as a disturbance.


    No Worries! Your App is all Sorted with Voice Technology

    Getting the application in accordance with the latest trends is a way to success. However, a few times, it prompts the addition of so many features that the overall size of the application increases, which thus affect the application’s performance. This negative hit is without a doubt not useful for the application.

    With voice technology, the scene is totally different. The addition of voice capacities won’t force developers to utilize numerous assets because it completes its job through the cloud by making less or no effect on the application performance.


    Final Words

    Voice technology is the next hot innovation as it provides the highest level of comfort and hassle-free operation to the clients. You can make your application stand out by specifying the voice feature in the application description in the app stores.

    Thus, it’s a great time to start searching for the new opportunities that increase the value of your application for raising the voice of your business in the market embracing voice trend.

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