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    Top 6 Features of an Updated WhatsApp Application in 2018

    WhatsApp has introduced several cool new features over the newer updates. So, today we’ll talk about these new features where you will be able to play with new sticker packages on WhatsApp, and much more stuff, which you may hear on may not so let’s get started. Already these features are updated in the YoWhatsApp APK Latest version, you will see all these new WhatsApp in this one of the best Modified APP.


    Check Train Status

    So, here comes the first feature which is WhatsApp has introduced Train status checking facility on WhatsApp itself with a simple message. It is due to the partnership of MakeMyTrip and IRCTC. Now you don’t have to go to several websites for checking train status and live updates, PNR status, etc. on WhatsApp itself.

    You have to do to know the status is; just type live train status and send to 7349389104 (first of all save it on your contact list). And if you want to know the charting status, current status, booking status, from the source station to the destination station and many more than just type and send PNR Status to 7249389104. And this comes along with a quite emoji on ticket confirmation.


    Group Voice and Video Calling

    Here comes the second feature which is Group voice and Video calling where you can video call up to four friends simultaneously at a time, and the same applies for voice calls as well.

    So, how to do it? You just have to open any friend’s message box or chat window, and at the upper section. You’ll find both voices calling and video calling options, tap on any that you want to do and now you can simply add friends one by one. And it really works well without any latency. Well, this was introduced in Skype at early ages, but now we can enjoy it on WhatsApp as well.


    Record Audio Messages Hands-Free

    Next feature is; if you are a user of telegram than you already enjoyed this feature but now we can also enjoy it on WhatsApp, which is sending long voice messages hands-free. You just have to tap and hold on the microphone icon and simply swipe up, now the microphone will be locked, and you can record while hands-free. Cool name!


    Hide Received Media

    The next feature is hiding media of WhatsApp from the gallery. You just have to go to Chat info page then click on Media visibility option and now select your choice, then tap OK. It is really a good feature for those who don’t want their WhatsApp media to pop-up on phone’s gallery.


    Better Admin Controls

    The fifth feature is Admin controls over the group. This feature is very important and awaited feature for the group admins, which is if you are a group admin than go to Group Settings now control the group, where you can find who can send messages, who can edit group info and even you can restrict users from sending media or messages. Isn’t it cool!


    Fight against Fake News

    Last but not least, the feature is to prevent the fake news, false information and misguides threads. So, now if anyone will forward any message than the forwarded message will contain a label (-> Forwarded) so that others can see it’s a forwarded message which can be a misinformation thread.

    Also, WhatsApp has limited the forwarding messages to 5 peoples only. Means you can only forward to 5 people only. So those who spam with links by forwarding that will be decreased. And if a link shared is a spammy link than it will be label as (! SUSPICIOUS LINK). Isn’t this is an awesome feature?

    So, these are some WhatsApp whole new features that you may like.

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