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    Top Five Android Apps For Travellers in 2019

    Vacationwhen you hear this word the first thought that will strike someone’s mind is “ a day/ month of exploring different places” but in today’s date, one cannot trust anyone or anything. The reason why there are so many androids APPS is been made. For Example: – If you were to go to Mumbai sightseeing you will need to book a flight, hotel, rental car, require a road map etc. And this all will be provided by android app. This apps do not just make travelling effortless and economical but also fun. So, here are some best travelling APPS you may want to use.


    Google Trip

    This app just makes a travelling a lot more painless offers a customised tour, guide, maps, even show nearest monument from your current hotel and unlike other apps is also available offline. Benefits of this apps are: –

    • Day arrangement – find a several hundred of world tops places organised on a map.
    • Nearby things – App provides knowledge of nearby popular attraction location (whether they are open) as well as reviews and rating from travellers
    • Reservations – Book all flight, hotel, a rental car from one place instead of booking them individually.
    • Automatic Trip Organisation – Google trip gathers all the traveller information from g- mail account and store it offline.



    Looking for the cheapest flight? Than download Hopper app. It uses advanced data science to predict the future of the air force. Advantage of this apps are: –

    • Economical – find here the cheapest travel date using the colour code calendar.
    • Prediction – Predicts the time to fly in cheapest fare and can use filter to get a custom prediction about the flight.
    • Notification – Watch a push to receive price event via push notifications the instant price drops.



    A household name which offers the hotel at a cheaper price and even allows to live with locals or in their home which will make you experience about the place you are travelling to. Benefits of this apps are: –

    • Economical – Get your hotel booked at the cheapest price.
    • Experience- As this offer an opportunity to live with locals or their home you can get more experience about the related place.
    • Featured Call trips – It offers you to choose your stay.



    The app is active in around more than 173 countries and 785 metropolitan area.  This app is getting an increase in demand per day. It gives access to request a car directly and can even pay your fair via cash or credit card.

    • Rides on demand – Get a reliable ride in a minute at any time or any day of a year
    • Budget-friendly option – Compare it with any other rides and you will find this app is most budget-friendly.
    • Safety features – With one tap of buttons connect with your loved one and can tell about your current location.

    Do not forget to bring travel accessories with you to make your vacation more enjoyable and fun without any worries.

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