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    Top 4 Mobile App Development Trends to Watch Out For in 2018

    The sheer number of mobile apps available these days offers lots of choices for the end users. These are exciting times for developers but challenging too as they have to develop new apps that can attract users. Any leniency in the development process and their app won’t get the response they would like. That’s why developers whether working for a top mobile app development company or as a freelancer have to take into account top trends in the industry so that their developed app can penetrate in the market without much difficulty.

    Following are the top 5 trends in mobile app development that are going to dominate the process in the year 2018 and beyond.


    1. Wearable Devices

    While many wearable devices are available in the market for some time now but they haven’t reached the level where we can pronounce them mainstream. Some people are skeptical of their performance and some think that wearable devices will be the next big trend. In 2018, this is one trend that will surely be on top as the technology related to it is very advanced now. Smart watches and health tracking devices are a norm now and all this leads to app development that can complement these devices.

    Advancements in the technology of health-care sensors and display devices are surely making app developers work to the best of their capabilities. That’s why in the future there will be a huge demand for such apps and this is one trend that will define the app development process and how it can handle huge demand from the end users.


    1. M-Commerce

    A large number of smartphone users have shifted to mobile e-commerce are using their phones or handheld devices to purchase products and services online. While Apple Pay and Google Wallet looking to hold onto the ground, new apps can attract users who are skeptical of the services provided by these tech giants. The need to come up with a mobile application that can process transactions without the help of a debit/credit card is great these days.

    M-commerce is turning out to be an altogether different realm and with new apps hitting the market thick and fast, we can hope tremendous growth in it in the future.


    1. Fill Mobility

    It is the latest trend that is shaping up the app development market and within a year or two we will see full-scale mobility. It is all about building an app that is capable of replacing every single desktop operation or the users need to consult a desktop application to complete a task? That’s one big question that app developers need to ask themselves with the help of feedback from the actual users. This trend alone can offer end-users much freedom to make their smartphones not dependent on PCs anymore.


    1. Enterprise and Consumer Apps

    It is one of the dilemmas that app developers need to quickly get over with as both enterprise and consumer apps are important in their own domain. For businesses, it is all about money that they have to shell out in order to get an enterprise app as compared to a consumer app. Many businesses themselves don’t bother to invest in an app as most of the times a free mobile app offering the same functions is already available. But this decision is going to be critical in the future for most businesses and app developers need to keep an eye on what’s going on so that they are ready for what is coming their way.

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