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    Tips To Get Your Ecommerce App Featured On Top Review Sites

    E-commerce sites like Shopify, Magento and YoKart have shown a formidable increase in sales. With mobile ecommerce sales on the rise, the number of ecommerce apps has increased as well. So how does your app get to make it to the app store?

    In the last decade, many app review sites have emerged.

    Some app review sites charge a fee to review an app, while others review apps free of charge. The quality of reviews varies a lot. Some sites produce very poor written reviews that bring zero value to app developers. However, there are others that give good reviews that are crucial to an app developer.

    App review sites can bring loyal users to an app, or turn them away from it completely. Here are some tips on how to get your app featured on top review sites. If you want to get app review sites talking about your app, here are a few important points you should consider.


    1. Study Your Audience

    Know what works best for your audience, and create a flawless app that beats your competitors.


    1. Press Releases

    One of the standard pieces of an app marketing campaign is a press release. Since app review site owners receive many reviews, it is important that your press release is unique.

    1. Informative App Pitches

    Ideally, your pitch for your app should include:

    • 6-7 lines of text
    • a link to your app
    • an icon
    • 3-4 major features
    •  a link to a 30-60 seconds video demo
    •  a general description

    Your pitch should grab the attention of the reader, and provoke a reviewer to review your app.


    1. Promo Codes

    When you submit a paid app to app review sites, you need to add a promo code. Even though an average app price point is only $1-2, app review site owners usually prefer to a get a free copy.


    1. App Review Site Guidelines

    Every app review site has its own guidelines for you to follow. Even though they may be almost identical, it’s always good to check them out and make sure you follow them.

    1. App Video Demo

    A short, 30 to 60-second video demo is the most illustrative way to demonstrate what your app is about and convince an app review to review your application. You need to make sure that your demo manages to demonstrate your app’s best features within 30-60 seconds.


    1. Don’t Keep Following Up

    A quality app review process takes up to two days. Reviewers need to check all the features and analyze the benefits your app delivers. Remember this when you submit your app and follow up with reviewers up to 3 times after you’ve submitted your app.

    Chasing reviewers for months will be counterproductive; worse, it will just drive them crazy.


    Free App Review Sites

    The top 10 free sites that you can submit your app to include:


    Touch Arcade

    • One of the oldest and most respectable game review sites
    • Its website forums have about 10,000 active users who participate in game discussions, and more than 400,000 members in total.



    • Dedicated to Apple’s hardware and software
    • Providing quality content since 2007
    • Covers both iOS and Mac OS apps, with featured sections ‘Best iPhone App,’ ‘Best iPad App’ and ‘Best Mac Apps.’


    App Advice

    • In addition to app reviews, it features a videos section and presents both hardware and software reviews on a daily basis.


    Pocket Gamer

    • A UK-based game app review site, which covers the complete spectrum of game devices, including iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry, Kindle, Sony, Nintendo, and AppleTV.
    • PocketGamer was launched in 2005 by Steel Media Ltd.



    • The app review site that was launched shortly after the iTunes App Store launch, back in summer 2008.
    • In addition to app reviews, the site has an app price drop section that presents apps that gone temperately free. It also has a ‘How To’ section with tips and guides for games and apps.


    Slide to Play

    • A game app review site featuring iOS, tvOS and Android app reviews, launched in September 2008.
    • The company’s staff includes former writers from CBS Interactive’s GameSpot as well as
    • It covers the whole spectrum of types of games, featuring the best games and the ones that should be avoided.

    iPhoneLife Magazine

    • The site covers both Apple’s hardware and software. The iPhone Insider section features short videos that cover tips and tricks to make the most of the iPhone.

    Best Apps For Kids

    • The iOS app review site with the focus on apps for kids.
    • It presents apps categorized by age, type of education, category, brand, character and more.


    Whatever the site you send your app for a review too, it is imperative that you create a flawless one, that is better than your competitors’.

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