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    The Advantages of a Shopify Mobile App

    Having a Shopify website is essential if you want to have a thriving retail business. While this website is vital, it is no longer enough because consumer behavior has changed. This is why many people are looking at Shopify mobile apps to complement their websites. If you are unsure about this app, it is essential to know what the advantages of these apps are.

    1. Increasing Your Sales And Conversions

    All retail businesses want to increase their sales and conversions. This is the only way you are going to have a viable business, but it can be hard to do. This is where the Shopify mobile app comes in. There are a few ways that these apps can improve your sales.

    The app has a seamless and fast checkout process that makes it easier for your customers to buy. Reducing the time it takes to purchase a product or service will increase sales and conversions. Customers will not think twice about their purchase if they are quickly taken through the checkout process.

    Of course, not all customers are going to go through the entire checkout process. In these cases, the app can help you reduce cart abandonment. These apps have push notification systems built into them, and this will remind the customer that they have items in their cart. This will prompt them to return to the app and complete their purchase.

    2. Improving Customer Retention

    A lot of people focus on getting new customers because this helps growth, but you should never forget your existing customers. Customer retention is vital to long-term success as you get repeat business. A mobile app can help with this because it remains in front of your customers.

    When a past customer turns their phone or tablet on, your app will be there. If they are thinking of looking for a new product that your company provides, your app will be there, and they will be more likely to open it. This is an unconscious prompt for them to use your business, and you will not have to do anything to achieve this actively.

    Push notifications from the app also help with customer retention. While they remind customers of items in their cart, they can also be used for marketing purposes. If you have a new product that is linked to something they have purchased in the past, the app can send a notification telling them about the new product.

    These apps can also have geofencing campaigns in them. These campaigns will send a push notification to the customer when they are within a designated geographical location. This is perfect if you have a physical store and want to drive more traffic to it. When the customer enters the designated area, they could get a notification about a promotion or sale in the store. You could also provide a coupon for use in the store.

    3. Boosting Your Brand Image

    Branding can make or break a business, and it has to be carefully cultivated. Promoting the right aspects of your business will help you build a brand that customers can relate to and will love. The foundation of good branding is communication, and a mobile app can be the right channel for this communication.

    Your mobile app is an extension of your online business and an extension of your brand. Once downloaded, the app will be a reminder of your brand because your logo will be on your customer’s device. While this might look like a small detail, it is vital to long-lasting brand recognition. Studies have found that people need to be exposed to a brand between 8 to 11 times before brand recognition is ingrained.

    Apps make life a little easier for your customers, and this is what you want to be associated with your brand. If people link your business to ease of use, they are more likely to buy from you. This will increase your sales and conversions, as well as the overall customer experience with your business.

    4. Modern Consumers Love Apps

    Mobile sales on major shopping holidays such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday account for approximately 64% of sales on Shopify stores. This is a large percentage and a clear sign that modern consumers love using apps. Research has also found that for every 3 hours people spend on their mobile devices, 90% of the time is spent using apps. The other 10% is used for browsing mobile websites.

    All the data proves that shoppers prefer to use an app compared to a mobile or desktop website. If you don’t have an app, you are losing money to your competition. While your bottom line is one of the reasons why you should have an app, it is not the only one.

    As consumers love apps, you should look at giving your customers what they want. Accommodating consumers will make your business more appealing and easier for them to work with. If they know that they can easily find everything on the app and never have to navigate a website on a small screen, their overall experience will be better.

    If you have a retail business, you should consider a Shopify mobile app. These apps can boost your business by improving sales and conversions. You can also use push notifications to reduce cart abandonment and drive more traffic to your physical stores. The fact that consumers prefer apps to mobile websites should not be overlooked as this will impact customer experience and satisfaction.

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