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    React Native -The Future of Mobile App Development

    Which platform should we go for mobile development?”

    “Should we go for Single platform or cross-platform?”

    “Which framework will give me best result in my mobile application development?”

    We are frequently asked these sorts of questions by the clients to increase their business using mobile app development. Clients nowadays are aware and have a vague idea about the latest innovation in mobile development technology. Generally, our advice to them about mobile app development is always to go for a platform which is more suited to their business niche. However, looking at the current trend in hybrid mobile app development, we suggest them to go with it. Especially, the ongoing demand of the React native is at its zenith. The way it is going, it seems that React native mobile development is the future of mobile app development.

    React native is the most promising and cutting-edge technology in mobile app development. In particular, its ability to support multiple platforms using only one codebase is its USP. We’ll discuss thoroughly react native and why it is spearheading in the cross-platform framework as the future of mobile app development.

     But before we proceed further let’s shade some light on the number game.


    What do the numbers say?

     According to the latest reports from statista, by the year 2020 Mobile apps are set to generate a whopping $188.9 billion in global revenue by the app store or by in-app purchase. Out of that, cross-platform mobile development will share its part in $80.45 billion by 2020. 66% of the developers use JavaScript in their work which is the cornerstone of the React native mobile development.


     What is React-native?

    React native is the framework that utilizes JavaScript to build a hierarchy of the UI (User interface) components to build mobile applications. With its collection of features for both the platform (Android and iOS), it gives the application a native look and feel.

    Application made in React native can give performance no less than if it were made it into a Java or Objective-C. It uses same fundamental user interface building blocks which run the regular Android or iOS apps, but it assembles the building block using React and JavaScript.


    Why React native is the future of mobile app development?

    Below, I have mentioned some of the advantages, why developers love to use this framework as their core for the mobile app development.

    • Cross- platform compatibility

    Originally, React native was developed for iOS Support but due to its popularity and its extraordinary attributes, later on, Facebook extended its support to the android also. Most of the APIs are cross-platform; therefore developers now can build an application through React native, simultaneously using a single code base. Thus, the development cost for separate development for Android and iOS is reduced.


    • Performance

    To leverage the responsive UI, you have to generate the frame within the allotted optimum time. React native proffers 60 frames per/sec, which gives the app native look and feel.  React native apps are compiled into natively written code, that lets it to not only work on both the OS but also behaves the same way on both the platforms with no lags at all. Hence, due to its optimum performance developers see React native as the future of mobile app development.


    • Live updates

    The notable advantage of using React native is live updates. With the use of the JavaScript, developers have the viability of sending the updates directly to the users’ devices instead of passing through the app store update cycle. This, in turn, serves to the user by providing them an updated version of the application instead of lingering on the problems of the older version.

    You can also use Microsoft’s live update service CodePush SDK, which assembles with your React native app, to push notifications to your app.


    • The Positive response from the developer

    Developers feel lucky to work on React native due to its developer-friendly environment. Firstly, it allows necessary modification while the app is running, that eliminates the need to restart. Secondly, the reloading of the page refreshes the User interface when changes are made to the file which removes some of the tedious steps.

    Finally, React native uses flexbox layout engine for creating app layouts for both popular platforms (iOS and Android). So, you can learn just one layout engine to develop on both the platform and the web.


    • Easy learning

    React native is highly understandable any easy to learn. Even the beginners can learn it without any complexity, because of its range of components like maps and filters.


    • Growing community and support of Facebook

    It’s common to have some preconceived notions when you start to build an app from scratch. Especially, when it a new framework, you are concerned about its viability and its future support.

    Because Facebook supports the react native, it has a community that can back it. The community with Facebook is continually keeping up with future goals and technology by improving the under-devotement framework.


    Downside of the React Native

    Though react native is future of the mobile app development, react native also has its share of disadvantages.

    • It has some technological limit

    The React native framework is not flawless as of now. Since react native is still young, when an update takes place inside the react Native mechanism, you get some of the pointless error messages. The iOS deployment process might be cumbersome since you have to face problem while setting up the Apple developer program account, create app’s certifications and install additional tools to your device.


    • Minor performance issues

    Earlier as I had pointed out the frames per second used in the React Native is 60 FPS, but when you reach to that point you have to adjust React native architecture badly to the native technology. Moreover, when you are developing apps with a large amount of the 3D projection/VR elements, where the user has to perform more than several actions, react native is not the wise choice. It needs some of the native code technologies to get a better outcome.


    Popular apps built with React Native mobile development

    1. Facebook Ads
    2. Walmart
    3. Bloomberg
    4. Instagram
    5. SoundCloud Pulse
    6. Townske
    7. Gyroscope
    8. Wix
    9. Skype
    10. Pinterest


    Final words

    Being the future of the mobile app development, React native has an exponentially growing community which is thriving to provide as much as possible support to the framework. If your aim is to get fast developing, low in cost and at the same time powerful mobile application, then react native is the choice you should go for. If you are looking for a react native mobile development, then you should approach for an experienced react native development company.

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