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    Push Notifications For React Native Apps: Tips, Methods, and More

    When it comes to an effective marketing strategy, it is fruitless without push notifications. Push notifications help to create an environment that can boost app engagement. It is one of the effective techniques to reach users, instantly.

    React Native push notifications for Android and iOS mobile applications are crucial for an app’s success. They provide you with the key to take lead over your competitors.

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    Well, if you are still wondering about the power of push notifications for React Native apps, here is your answer.

    1. Instant access to the audience:

    1. Push notifications provide you an easy and two-way communication with your audience. It is one of the effective ways to reach your audience instantly with a single click.

    You are facing difficulty in engaging the audience to your react native app, No worries! Push notifications can do it for you instantly. It doesn’t matter whether the audience is not showing on your app from some hours, days, weeks, or so on. Push notification can bring them back with a single click from your device.

    2. Urgent notifications:

    1. You got some offers and discount for your audience. You can use push notifications to reach them. It doesn’t matter currently in which part of the world they are. Push notifications will not only help to engage your existing users but will also bring new users.
    urgent notifications

    What you need to do, is to send push notifications with text like “Hurry only a few left”. “Stock is running out”, “Only a few hours left”, “Flat 50% off”, and so on as per your convenience. It will create a fear of missing out (FOMO) in the mind of the audience. As a result, they will try to grab the deal as early as possible.

    3. Rich media:

    1. One of the advantages of using push notifications is, you can add rich media for motivating users to visit your platform. This will help to increase user engagement on a mass level. It will also aid in bringing more sales to your platform.
    rich media push notifications

    What you need to do, is to use a combination of text, images, video, graphics, gifs, emojis, etc. This will motivate users on a subconscious level to click the push notification. As a result, it will directly take a user to your app. Once a user visits your app, the possibility of sale will increase.

    4. Segmentation and personalization:

    1. Push notifications can be timed, organized, and personalized as per requirement. Now what happens is, every user has its own specific needs and interests. As a result, you can’t sell a single product or service to all users.
    personalized push notifications

    You need to offer your customers, what actually they need. Here push notifications become handy, as you can use segmentation and personalization. This will help to differentiate users on the basis of age, gender, region, interests. Moreover, push notifications can be timed accordingly as per the need. It means a maximum possibility of closing the deal right on the spot.

    5. Track metrics:

    1. Push notifications provide you with an ability to track the behavior of your users. You can use push notifications to collect data regarding engagement, opening rate, delivery receipts, opening time, etc. This will help you to study the behavior of your users.

    As a result, you can get valuable insights into click-through rates, interaction time, etc. This will help you to know the interests of a user. This will also give you some ideas on what kind of messages are more likely to opened and viewed. You can use this valuable information to run a targeted campaign.

    6. Improve Brand value:

    1. One of the biggest advantages of using push notifications is, you can increase your brand value. Push notifications provide you with an ability to add valuable information about your brand. You can use this opportunity to keep your react native app apart from your competitors.

    You can share your brand story or brand history with your audience along with offers, discounts, and coupons. This will help you to earn the trust of your users. As a result, you will attain stability. It will also help you to earn free advocacy for your app.


    When it comes to React Native push notifications for Android and iOS mobile applications, they carry an ability to bring and engage customers to your app. But simply implementing them on your platform may not bring satisfactory results. For desiring results, they demand some tips, methods, and more. These tips and methods are presented to you here.

    Author Bio: Wonderpush, provides you with an opportunity to carry your react native app to every corner of the world. It provides you with React Native push notifications, Android push notifications, and iOS push notifications to increase app engagement.

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