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    Pros And Cons Of The Two Latest Programming Languages Swift And Dart

    As new languages get introduced daily the most common question arrived among developers is that which is the best programming language to learn first? Don’t think too much today’s article we discussed a comparison between Swift and Dart.

    First, let me give you small details about Dart and Swift as both are powerful programming languages:


    A Single threaded programming language is known as DART. It makes use of a series of operations that help to run a program without any blockage and this gets done through future objects.



    An intuitive and powerful programming language for iOS, MacOS, TvOS, and watches are known as SWIFT. It includes modern features that loved by developers and also the swift code is safe by design still produce software that runs fast.


    The standpoint of both Languages:

    • Swift powers Apple’s SDKs (Software Development Kit) over iOS, MacOS, TvOS and watches.
    • Building beautiful native apps from a single codebase Dart powers Flutter Google’s framework.


    Now, Let’s discuss the Pros and Cons of both Swift and Dart languages:

    Pros of Swift:

    • Simplicity
    • Open Source
    • iOS apps
    • Safety
    • Understandable for Non-iOS developers
    • Low memory footprint due to reference counting



    Swift makes the development process faster as it uses less code to develop the same application If compared to the predecessor, Objective-C.



    As the swift community is growing faster after Swift gets introduce it became open source with some Linux integration available in it.


    iOS Apps:

    Swift provides a number of possibilities to create different mobile apps by being an Apple invention and if you are impatient to develop your next iOS application than Swift is the most valuable language for you.



    Swift shows the error in the code instantly and fixed on the go and this is considered as the main advantage of it. The error handling allows avoiding errors and code crashes.


    Cons of Swift:

    Legacy Product limitation

    • Only for Apple
    • Talent Gap
    • Lack of maturity
    • Blockchain is a no go


    Legacy Product limitation:

    Due to constant changes made on language, the older version of it becomes useless. The language can be used for Apple products for iOS 7or higher. As the older version becomes useless can cause serious issues for bigger projects, costly and time-consuming.


    Talent Gap:

    The community has not yet fully developed as swift is very young and also to find the best highly skilled developer can be quite hard.


    Lack of Maturity:

    As Swift is new hence yet not developed as well as Python. Another drawback is its age.


    Blockchain is a no go:

    Swift is not fitted for blockchain technologies.


    Pros of Dart:

    • Great Standard Library
    • Number of tools available while developing with Dart
    • Easy Prototyping
    • No Compile Time in development
    • Familiar to Java Developers
    • Cross Platform
    • Can Compile to efficient Machine Code


    Great Standard Library:

    Dart includes a complete core library that helps developers with collections, formats, conversions, strings, formats, file I/O, math, typed data and regexps and more.


    A number of tools available while developing with Dart:

    Dart has various tools to help the developer in the process of developing any dart applications. Tools include Analyzer, Pub, Dev_complier, Test, Dartfmt_, Observatory, and server-side VM.


    Easy Prototyping:

    With an optional Dart system, dart becomes a great language for prototyping. These encourage developers to evolve their programs.

    No Compile Time Development:

    A browser known as Dartium is integrated with Dart VM that allows to run and debug the native code during the development process for shot edit-reload cycles.



    Dart compiles to JavaScript, Native code on different platforms that includes Android and iOS by


    Can compile to efficient Machine code:

    A number of times compiler can compile dart code to efficient machine code, The purpose behind dart is to be as expressive as possible.


    Cons of Dart:

    • Difficult to use some JavaScript Libraries
    • While converting the code to javascript still many holes to fill
    • At present does not generate expandable JavaScript
    • A small community, little momentum


    Difficult to use some JavaScript Libraries:

    Dart is much more than just a programming language as it’s a platform with its own standard libraries and tools. To directly interact with JavaScript libraries is not possible in Dart. To use JavaScript libraries users have to use a special library that exposes the wrapped version of JavaScript.


    While Converting code to JavaScript still many holes to fill:

    During the implementation of callbacks, Pass to a type of function that gets passed to javascript causes the dart2js compiler to crash.


    At Present doesn’t generate expandable JavaScript:

    At once the entire application needs to be built on Javascript.



    Both languages have something about them and that’s what makes them suitable for a purpose, these are the main points in Swift compared to Dart. These languages are built to achieve different goals.

    Swift is an excellent solution for developing iOS applications in the best way while Dart is a single threaded programming language.

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