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    Mobile Apps Which Can Change the Future of Your Business

    Smartphones are an integral part of our business. Even though they are sized small enough to slide into our pockets easily, they can perform complex activities than any laptop or desktop would have done! Smartphones can perform a diverse range of activities starting from booking flight tickets, raising invoices, receiving regular business updates etc. All these activities are generally done via different applications. These provide benefits of high-level employee engagement as well as improves productivity and makes employees up to date with all the information needed from time to time.


    Below are the different types of apps that are quite popular among the business personnel and high-level corporate:


    1. Office Productivity Apps 

    These apps are versatile enough and it is not just for high and top notch heads in business but for all levels of employees. These help in creating documents, updating or making calculations in spreadsheets, access media clips etc. These are all in one package of applications mandatory for every resource in a business unit. These include business card readers, tax calculators, workflow apps to generate and receive workflows, calendars, schedules, time and expense trackers to keep updated with information while traveling or offline.


    2. Travel apps 

    Traveling from one hub to another, overseas business travel, business onshore and offshore transition of processes are an integral part of every successful and growing business process. Hence it is important to have the travel apps handy to book flight tickets as well as make hotel reservations, check flight ticket status, arrival timings etc. These generally include the navigation apps, reservation apps, flight status apps, location-based apps, travel organizer apps as well as translator apps.


    3. Tools and Utility Apps 

    These improve the efficiency of work and help customers to access the necessary information faster when in need. They can search for data easily as well protect their data from any kind of malware via protection measures. These include the data protection apps, currency apps, scanning apps, world clock apps which are useful and they come handy if you are dealing with international clients across the globe with time differences, and finally the scanning apps.


    4. Enterprise-specific Apps 

    Some organizations specifically design apps to meet their needs as well as for the individual to remain up to date with the relevant details for business. These organizations can be schools, government organizations, offices or retail units. The apps are known to support approvals, salesforce automation, invoices, time and expenses etc. The common apps are ERP apps, salesforce automation apps, help desk apps and Zen desk apps.


    5. Communication Apps 

    Whether sharing files across computers or working and making business calls via remote access can all become easy and hassle-free with the communication apps. These include the outlook or email apps, video conferencing apps, meeting centers, social networking apps along with instant messaging ones.


    6. Mobile Payment apps 

    If you are already acquainted with the cashless mode of transaction, making payments online at grocery stores or business payments, paying bills online and buying and selling at eCommerce sites is easy with mobile payment apps.


    7. Mind-Mapping Apps 

    This help improves concentration and productivity during work like quiz apps, drawing apps, puzzle apps and Imaps.

    To install these apps and experience growth in your business unit!

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