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    Innovative and Creative Apps Of 2018

    The world today is nothing similar to what it was a few centuries ago, and a lot of the credit for that goes to the progression of technology. While many people might believe that technology did not have a very huge role to play in how much the world has altered, anyone in their right mind would find it to be a rather debatable subject. Of course, the evolution of technology and how fast it continues to happen is nothing short of astounding, especially since it doesn’t seem to be stopping any time soon.

    Fortunately, a lot of people see this as an opportunity to live a much better life – one that is filled with the utmost convenience imaginable. Technology has, in actual fact, helped the lazy become even lazier, but it is also an undeniable fact that the heaps of comfort and convenience one have on his fingertips now is just too good to be complaining about.

    In addition to young individuals utilizing these tech advancements to help better their lives, there are many more who have actually pursued a career in technology in order to enhance the experience from the viewpoint of someone who would be classified to be ‘a child of this generation’.

    In layman terms, a lot of young individuals today have become app developers to help the whole community enjoy a much better life differing to the one they are currently living – and it is necessary to admit, the results are truly awe-inspiring. The apps that are being developed today, not only help the developer but they really do help the user as well as they offer a lot of benefits.

    Read on to find out which apps are coined to be the most innovative in 2018, and would actually help make your life simpler:


    1. Housecraft

    creative apps of 2018, Innovative and Creative Apps Of 2018


    Everyone is well aware of how difficult and challenging it can be to redo or rearrange your entire room. The shifting of the furniture takes a lot of energy and time, not to mention that if the furniture of choice looks out of place, all your effort goes to waste. Thus, the app Housecraft is one that you should definitely have if you want your house to look the best without redoing it a hundred times.

    Through Housecraft, the user is able to take a photograph of an empty space within a room, and place virtual furniture into it to see how the end result would look. Since it is the generation of AR, you wouldn’t be surprised to find how many people have given their house the perfect makeover through this genius app, whose developer is Sirvo LLC.

    Needless to mention, this app has helped a lot of homeowners enjoy a much more serene and tranquil experience when attempting to either buy new furniture for their home or even if they’re trying to shift around the existing furniture to see what looks better. Of course, everyone wants a little bit of change in their surroundings every now and then, and Housecraft allows you to do just that!


    2. Be My Eyes

    creative apps of 2018, Innovative and Creative Apps Of 2018

    Founder and creator of the app, Hans Jørgen Wiberg, says that the free mobile app’s goal is simple and clear: “to make the world more accessible for the blind and visually impaired”. Being launched in 2015, Be My Eyes is an app that has more than 1,000,000 who have signed up on the app to volunteer in assisting not just the blind, but low vision users as well.

    In a world that’s generally selfish, it’s absolutely heartwarming to see that a large majority of people still care about the disabled and underprivileged, regardless of how good or bad they have it in their waking life. Be My Eyes is an app that is designed to help the blind in accomplishing tasks that they cannot accomplish without the help of someone that can see.

    What’s even more impressive is that all users have proper statistics on their profile, through which it is visible how many people assisted them, and in what. Thus, it is rather nice to see that good people do still exist in the world around us.


    3. Dormzi

    creative apps of 2018, Innovative and Creative Apps Of 2018


    If you’re a college or university going student, you are probably well aware of the hassle that it takes just to get all of your tasks done. Not to forget, when exams are around the corner, you’re probably coming back to a dirty dorm room which will not clean itself no matter how many shooting stars you wish upon.

    The anguish of the situation is a lot to take for many which are exactly what lead to one university student – Milan Kordestani – partnering with another student – Sabine Rizvi – to introduce a notable app called Dormzi. The app is certainly a life changer for all students as it allows you to seek help from other university students, for the purpose of keeping it together, really. Dormzi offers tons of features, such as laundry, cleaning, and tutoring, at current.

    So, if you’ve got a really important exam coming up but really, really need to get your room cleaned for a small price, this should be your go-to! This is certainly a genius idea and has proven to be helpful to a lot of university goers who simply do not have time to take care of each aspect themselves.

    As aforementioned, the advancement of technology is certainly something that is impossible to overlook and although some people opt to retaliate against it, they will eventually succumb to the plethora of benefits that technology is able to bring to our waking life.

    Additionally, there are several other apps that can make your life much simpler, and help you budget, and keep track of your spending appropriately. Technology is certainly one of the best things about this world and the more you have it, the less you really will want to go back to the life you knew before you came across these exceptionally designed technology advancements!

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