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    How To Take Interview Of App Development Company Before Hiring Them?

    We have always discussed the increasing number of mobile apps in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store but where are all these apps coming from? From app development companies of course. This clearly means the number of mobile app development companies are also on the rise and a massive rise, to be honest. This entailed the clients with more options to choose from but also created a confusing scenario while deciding which is the best or how to know which is the best. Well, let me help you with that. A list of questions to ask while interviewing different companies to help you judge each one of them and pick the best one of all.

    Interviewing App Development Company Before Hiring

    1) Can you show me your portfolio?

    It is the work the company has done to date. This will help you judge the quantity and quality of their company and their ability to undertake your p[project and accomplish it successfully and meet your expectations. Check the categories they have worked in and the features and functionality they have incorporated therein. This will show the level of complexity they can handle and show versatility and flexibility. Make sure to see whether they have developed something you are looking forward to handing them over.

    2) Can I talk to some of your past clients?

    If you are thinking there are client testimonials and reviews, is it totally mandatory to talk to the past clients? Hell, yes it is. It’s kind of a test for the companies. Usually, when you ask the companies they will instantly agree but if they don’t say yes in the first go, man you get to think twice. It can be of great use to talk to the past clients and ask about their work experience with the company.

    3) What is the size of your team?

    The company will set a timeline for your project completion but they have a small team which is not enough to get the job done within that time that it can affect the quality of the output. So, make sure to get the estimate about the number of developers, designers, testers, project managers, and any other team members needed to complete your project.

    4) What is the experience of your developers?

    You must know the experience and expertise of the developer working on your project. Well, it’s not necessary that only the experienced one can do a good job but you should be in the know whom you are hiring. The company might be having 8 to 10 years of experience and charge you accordingly but the developer handed over your project is just a fresher. Not a kind of justice for the price you paid. So, make sure to note the individual developer’s experience.

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    5) Are they taking the responsibility of submitting the app to the app store?

    Well, you must not be hiring an iPhone or Android app development company that submits you the app and leave. Pick a company that takes the responsibility of submitting the app to the app store and getting the approval from there.

    6) Do they give any support after launching the app?

    The app development doesn’t end when the app hits the app store, it has a long way to go post that. After spending a fortune on the app development, it would really break your heart to pay extra for the minor changes or minor updates or bug fixing. So, ask the companies you approach about the post-app launch support, things to be included in that and time period of that.

    7) Who will keep the code ownership?

    You don’t want to face the scenario where after the app is ready, payment is done but you don’t have the code ownership of your own app. In the absence of the code ownership, the client has to be dependent on the company for every new feature addition or an update to be rolled out in the existing app. If you don’t want to face this scenario, discuss the code ownership before hiring.

    8) Do you work on multiple platforms?

    Pick a company that can provide you with services on both Android and iOS platforms. Cost, time and energy will be saved by doing so. You don’t want to hire two different companies for developing the same app on two different platforms.

    9) Do you provide wireframing?

    App development is a lengthy and costly process and you don’t want to wind up with a design and functionality that you don’t like. Ask the company whether give the basic prototype of the app before the development to keep you aware how the app is going to look.

    10) What will be the timeline of the project?

    Take the timeline in the breakdown manner. Ask the company to break the process and let you know the days of wireframing, days of designing, days of development, days of testing and bug fixing and the final date of the deployment.

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