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    How to Create your Own Personalised Mobile Wallet

    There are different solutions for making business more reliable and trustworthy, but a White Label wallet app is regarded as one of the best Wallet Factory’s products for the financial firmness creating. It allows making money transfers via QR-code or paying for goods and services using an alluded bar code. The mentioned ewallet app is the result of long-term Wallet Factory’s evolution and an innovative way of solving the company’s economic challenges.

    This creation can be used in such spheres, as:

    • fuel retail.
    • telecom industry.
    • digital wallet in E-commerce & FMCG.
    • wallet in banking solutions.
    • financial industries.
    • mail-carrying companies.
    • digital currency sphere.

    The within named mobile product can become the jointing app, which aggregates the entire existing customer’s wallets, miscellaneous pre-payment tools, check cards, and banking accounts with virtual money into 1 greatly protected the system. The company itself also successfully cooperates with different mobile operators and defrayment service providers, which get highly technological solutions and are able to control even international finance operations.


    Digital Wallets by Wallet Factory

    The businesspeople can trust Wallet Factory because the company has reached a very high development level over the past few years. The mobile wallet White Label helps to create the positive reputation and financial basics for commercial customers because it can be used not only for making monetary operations and funds controlling, but also for special commercial campaigns running and Push notifications making.

    The company was founded in the 2016 year, but despite the “young age”, it really demonstrates itself as the highly-professional corporation, which has created a serious and secure financial tool. As of late, the Wallet Factory cooperated with Foxtrot,, Forward Bank, and other well-known concerns. The company headquarter is situated in London, UK, but different affiliates are placed all over the world. The current staffing capacity, covering Asia, Europe, North, and South America, consists of real professionals, who move with the time, introduce useful updates to the wallet, and improve its functionality. The 1.5 million users (data correspond to reality as of the end of last year) in 14 countries can be regarded as excellent proof of high product level and its performance capability.

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