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    How to Create a Mobile App that Improves Lives

    In this age of technological advancements, mobile apps have totally changed the way we live. Nowadays, it seems that modern consumers have a clear idea for how to break into the market.

    There are approximately 7 million mobile apps available in the leading app stores. With so many apps available to capture people’s attention, building another mobile app that entice users is undoubtedly not an easy feat.

    A study suggests that in the first quarter of 2017, on average, people use between 8 to 12 apps per day on their smartphones, globally. So, if you want to stand out in this highly competitive circle, you have to find some creative and effective ways to deliver a unique experience to people which they can’t live without.

    Here are some important tips to keep in mind while doing your next mobile app development project.

    Offer an Immense Value

    If truth be told, the unfortunate side effect of technology is that the human attention span has become troublingly short. A study says that an average human attention span is around 8 seconds.

    Keeping the numbers in mind, businesses need to come up with a unique selling proposition and give their users a reason to use your app. If you can’t be able to fully explain the purpose and functionality of your app, it’s a complete waste of time.

    No matter the type of app you are developing, it needs to be delivered as something that changes people’s lives for the better. Or at least, entice them by proving its usefulness.

    Let’s take an example of CM Security Master here, the company has a clear idea that Android phones are prone to viruses. So, they have come up with a plan to create a user-friendly privacy protection app that has the ability to scan your phone and determines risks in real time. It cleans out all the viruses so your phone can give its 100% functionality and your data is safe as well.

    Pro Tip: The success of a mobile app is totally dependent on how well you describe the effectiveness of your app and convey its value to the users. Get straight to the point.


    Connect with the Right Audience

    In this digital world, one of the main problems businesses usually face is bringing the right audience to your business. Mobile apps have an amazing way to make their own connection. Therefore, during mobile app development, create an authentic following which you can use later for your benefit.

    Your goal is to offer an immense value to the users which they can’t get anywhere else. Here, “for the people, by the people” approach works best. Mobile app development team behind Planet Peepz have wonderfully utilized this concept. They created discount shopping platform for service providers that is aimed to build a community in which both consumers and businesses can reap the benefits of cross promotion benefits.

    With this app, businesses can create their own ads, coupons, upsells and loyalty programs and can easily access free reservation and appointment software.

    Pro Tip: To successfully connected the right audience, you need to create a platform that gives a one-of-kind experience where users involved benefits and share value.


    Simplicity is the Key

    As I mentioned earlier that human attention span is getting low day by day. It’s no wonder that smartphones are playing a main role in this phenomenon. In addition, the usability and intuitive nature of your app also contribute greatly.

    Keep in mind that users’ time is precious. They don’t have enough time to read the tutorial and sift through directions. You need to make sure every single detail of your app can be easily Picked up and mastered within a minute.

    This is where simplicity comes. Obviously, no one wants to spend hours trying to find out how to use the mobile app to its fullest. Your app must provide a sense of instant gratification.

    Let’s take an example of Uber, the app is created to offer the simplest solution for greeting cabs. Users can get the results immediately and there is hardly anyone who can’t understand how the app works.

    Pro Tip: Mobile apps are meant to make people’s lives easier. Your app should be simple and easy enough so that people can easily understand how it works.


    To Sum All Points Up

    Developing an app these days is not an easy job. People are smart enough, they are not easily persuaded. Therefore, you need to set yourself apart, by telling them how your app can improve their lives.

    For this, you can take help from a professional mobile app development company that can guide you how to discover the ways to improve users’ lives and what elements can add more value to your app.

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