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    How Instant Chat Apps will Reshape Communication in Healthcare Industry?

    It is found that 54% of patients are very likely comfortable to communicate with healthcare Professionals through Chat app and Video Chat.

    The industry that never sleeps for a minute, and continuously confront the demand of quality healthcare services. With the rise of healthcare cost and demand over patients care with the medical professionals is increasing day-by-day. Many chat API providers and doctors community app like Practo make it possible through integrating in-app chat functionality in android/iOS mobile apps and within the clinical websites.

    Most of the health professionals wastes time by backing the outdated communication system where 3/4th of time is spent only on the work desk. The healthcare industry is urged to adapt to the latest technologies such as ChatBots, Online audio/video chat, and Telemedicine to deliver more precise health service in a more efficient way.

    The Importance of Integrating Chat (Text/Voice/Video) Within the Healthcare Applications/Websites

    The demand for online communication is inescapable where other than just treating the patients alone is not enough, where the doctors and paramedics should take focus on recoveries of the patients and constant communication. If it’s in the case that patient is not in the state of visiting the doctor a regular basis, constant communication is not applicable. Hence, online applications such as integration of chat functionality in Android, iOS, Web and video/audio chat based communication can the only way to ensure constant contact with medical professionals.


    Better Care at Your Premise

    • As the chat app for healthcare provides information and response at a real-time, these chat functionalities ensure that the patients will get the best of healthcare services while relaxing at their home.
    • A report Disruptive Technology for the Global Healthcare Industry explains live video conference is the most sought-after technology development for patients to get benefit in case of disabled or ill patients.


    Reduce Costs

    • Through the integration of chat api with the healthcare websites or apps, patients who can’t afford the price of visiting the hospital can get the health service through chat within the communities.
    • Video-conferencing and video/audio chat play a vital role to manage the healthcare practices through the guidance of doctors.
    • Due to constant consultation with the medical professionals, these real-time communications can reduce the cost wholly associated regular hospital visits.


    Build’s Ample Trust

    • With these chat applications for healthcare, patients can contact doctors through speaking and watching in real-time to obtain the best solution to their problems instantly.
    • Since patients can have direct communication with the doctor, this enhances the trust of the doctor and keep the patients reverting to the same doctor.


    Boundless Networking  

    • The regular communication with the doctors through instant video chat app or private chat constantly inspires the doctors and other hospitals to strength and discover new professionals within the community.
    • This also increases the opportunity to share knowledge of technical healthcare issues within the doctors and offer a solution to the respective problem to patients.


    Online Communication Features That Transforms Communication Between Doctors and Patients   

    Text Chat & File Sharing

    Chat Apps for Healthcare

    • This scenario of communication is applicable for Doctors, Hospitals to reach a broader range of patients where they are not geographically close to the professionals for consulting.
    • A deep conversation and sharing of medical reports with healthcare experts over chat functionality in android/iOS will definitely allow patients to get promising advice and congenial environment which in result solve their healthcare problems.


     Voice & Video Chat

    Chat Apps for Healthcare Industry


    • A virtual consultation with the doctor over video and voice chat app would provide medical care to patients instantly.
    • This also increases in handling an emergency situation of patients during a high condition of the diseases and acute symptoms.

    Apart from these, there are multiple features like Live Chat, Chatbots, Random Video Chat etc., should be taken in consideration that enhances the performance of healthcare industry and also provide an immense service to patients at most convenient way.


    Ending With These Notable Points

    There is a wide range of opportunities available for healthcare industries to enhance the engagement, patient experience, and business growth through online chat applications. Through extensive chat API integration on website/app and built-in WebRTC voice/video chat apps for healthcare providers like Contus FlyMirrorfly and etc., assist patients to follow up questions and get the best solution to their medical problems from medical experts.

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