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    Google Play Store Hacks: How To Get More Downloads For Your Android App

    Google play store hacks sound very interesting because it seems to give an appropriate answer to how to get more downloads for your Android app. If you are reading this piece of content, that means you have a business app and stuck to find how to increase app download on Google play store. Maybe you are a knowledge seeker and roaming here to explore something. Boosting app download is not rocket science but it requires immense knowledge of how users act on play store. So in this particular article, We are revealing some Google play store hacks and addressing how to get more downloads for your Android app.

    There are many blogs and information already written to address the issue regarding increase app download. Somehow, We still feel all the information about the Google play store is not ample enough to make a move. People want something practical rather than just a couple of paragraphs. That things strike and insist us to write on Google play store hacks and find out how popular apps increase their app downloads.

    The Untold Story of Every Newbie App Owner…

    Phew! While launching the first application, every newbie app owner feeling like Steve Jobs launching the next iPhone model and everybody waiting in the long crowded line to grab it first. But in reality, an app got only 5 app downloads in a month. And guess what, 4 out of 5 are close friends who download apps and give fake reviews.

    Does it sound familiar? It’s not a personal story, it is a story of every newbie app owner, A story that recites how they made silly mistakes of releasing own app without any preparation. So in this post, we will try to address all the key points about how to get more downloads for your Android app with our personal experience.

    How To Get More Downloads For Your App

    For boosting the number of app downloads on play store, all you have to do is attract maximum users on your app download page. There are several methods for app marketing but all are not acceptable and not valuable.

    Make your app compatible with the local language where your targeted audience located. Local language help users to easily understand what quality your app brings. It also attracts users to download the application.

    Make It Social

    Every popular app uses social media as a medium of brand awareness. Create a social media page (must: LinkedIn & Facebook), where a group of people combined, a community with the same interest, and a bunch of people talking about the relevant app category. It is the best way to become aware of your users about your new app.

    You can write a post in another community, you can write a Press Release, blog to aware of your users. Social Media is one of the best weapons to stand out at the top of the play store. These tactics can easily attract ample traffic on your app.

    App Store Optimization

    ASO is similar to SEO but it uses for the app only. You can use a long tail keyword with low competition. Use keywords in title and description. For app title in Google play store, write keyword along with the app name. For description, try to add at least 3 keywords in full description. These tactics help in play store search ranking and as a result, your app gains more traffic and more download.

    Better Category For App

    While you are planning to develop an app do research on popular app categories. According to Statista, Gaming apps have most downloads(Approx. 7.25 billion) till the end of 2018. Tools and Entertainment apps were respectively 2nd and 3rd rank with approx 1.4 billion app download on Google play store. Define your app with a perfect category so you can easily target your audience. The right audience is key to boost your app download on Google play store. While you are working on your app make a decision about an apt category you want to target.

    popular app categories

    Promote on Website

    While talking about a business app, one thing is very clear that they have their website with good traffic. Let aware and tell your audience about your new application. Give some attractive offers to promote your app on your website. Defined in the company’s blog about your application. The best way of promotion is “Share referral link with Friends”.

    Google Play Store Hacks: How To Get More Downloads For Your Android App

    Title With Keyword

    As many of the big brands hold their reputation, people just type their name and download the app. But have you know many well-known brands use keyword in their app title. The application also needs SEO and it is known as App Store Optimization (ASO). You can also include a keyword to get closure to the top rank in the Google play store. There are several analytical tools to find out perfect keywords for your app category, i.e. Google Analytic for mobile, Localytics, and Appfigures. Here some example of a popular brand who use keywords in their app title.

    Type 1 – App name + Keyword

    Spotify is a well-known app in the Music category, look at how they use a long tail keyword in the title of this app, keyword Free Music and Podcasts Streaming. As we all know, this app getting handsome downloads by using a tiny keyword in the Title. Whenever we want a music app, we type “Free Music App” that’s curate keyword strategy for Spotify.


    Type 2 – Keyword + App name

    eBay put a longtail keyword before their app name. It shows the importance of keyword and ASO. eBay is an e-commerce store having a vast number of approx 10 million total app downloads. A long tail keyword for an e-commerce brand “Deals & offer on top brands: Buy & sell with eBay”.


    Catchy Video

    This is the most underrated marketing tactics and you must use it for your own app. Most of the brand insert appealing video between screenshots for Google play store hacks. Write subtitles or some text in the video because of the default setting, smartphones are mostly on mute mode while surfing on Google play store. Almost every popular brand use video in their screenshots. Some of the examples from popular apps.

    Type 1 – Informatic Video

    SHAREit using a video in the screenshots, it provides users to understand the application. This popular brand serves every type of file transfer in the mobile.


    Type 2 – Video + Subtitle in Local language

    Amazon India use local language in the subtitle, cool! isn’t it?

    Amazon India

    Attractive Screenshots

    We all are concordant on one point that screenshots and mockups are capable of appeal users to download apps. Most of the users scroll screenshots and if they find something attractive, then they want to explore more about the application, this method leads users to download the app. Try to put information and bring highlighted features in Screenshots. Don’t hurry while launching your app, give time to make attractive and appealing screenshots.

    Type 1 – Screenshots + Emotion

    Facebook Messenger app use Emoji to tackle emotions in screenshots, the user can easily explore every feature information, it forces our fingertips to tap on the Install button.

    Facebook Messenger

    Type 2 – Attractive Screenshots + Mockups

    Gaana an Indian music app gain immense popularity with its attractive user interface. It shows in the Screenshots.


    Type 3 – ScreenShots + USP

    Another one from eBay, this offer may attract users so they have to download the app first. These Screenshots are perfect in terms of attractive mockups, unique design, and appealing text. Try to insert USP in application screenshot, Tell your customers why you are different, how an app will change their lifestyle.


    Cool Graphics

    In the Apple app store, Screenshots are more important rather than graphics because Apple provides maximum space for the screenshots but not allow to put graphics in the app store. On the contrary, the Google play store has a showcase gallery on the top for graphics, and it engages the users. Try to put informative and cool graphics.


    Most of the application owners make mistakes in the description. They just copied or write huge content and vomit on the description area. Bulky paragraphs make your description hard to read. Try to assemble your content in bullet points, it helps in understanding users for what feature you bring with the app and what is your USP. Try to use relevant keywords in the short and full description. There are two categories of description in the Google play store.

    1. Short Description (80ch)
    2. Full Description (4000ch)


    Feedback & Review

    The only thing that encourages our mind for downloading any application is positive reviews, isn’t it? Every user first examines reviews and then decide about download app or not. Keep this in mind that a couple of positive reviews and feedback can elevate the number of app downloads. Instead of writing fake reviews, try to insist on your customer for giving feedback and reviews. Make an easy process for writing review, a complex format can be irrelevant. Try to design the app with attractive and easy UI & UX so users can engage with it and write the review without any request.

    FAQs about the Google Play Store and Popular App

    How do I get my app higher on Google Play?

    App Store Optimization is something similar to Search Engine Optimization. While SEO works for a website, an ASO works to elevate app rank higher in the app store. Besides of ASO, there are more parameters that decide your app rank on Google Play. Must features are better UI/UX, color combination, apt app category, and many more.

    How can I promote my app for free?

    Ohh! Gosh… million dollar questions. It must accelerate app visitors for boosting downloads in the Google play store. The best strategy is social media branding. You can build your brand image by creating a tiny page on Social media. Facebook and LinkedIn are the best options among several social media platforms. You can start a marketing campaign on social media that doesn’t affect your pocket.

    Which App category makes the most money?

    As mentioned above, the Game category has most downloads in the Google play store. More downloads mean more money, so we can say the Game category makes the most money. Besides Game, there are several app categories that have the best ROI i.e. Entertainment, Tools, and Social Media applications. Photography and Editing app also popular till 2018, but as we know every smartphone gives the best UI and features in the stock camera app so the popularity of the photography app is reducing day by day.

    Do free app makes money?

    Yes, Offering a free application is a good marketing strategy but you have to plan for another earning source through the application. Monetizing plans for the free app are Advertising, sponsorship, subscription, In-app purchases, Referral marketing, collecting & selling data and Pro version of your app. For advertising, you can use Google AdMob. Pro version means you are giving a normal app for free with limited features and if users want to unlock more features than they have to pay.

    What are Featured Apps and Editorial Choice Apps?

    Google Excellence allows it’s editorial teams to showcasing the best apps that suit the guidelines of Google play store, this type of app known as Editorial choice apps. The editorial app is similar to the Apple App Store, it is a collection of the most popular apps of all time. In the Google play store, there are several app categories so if an app is so much popular in it’s 30 days of launching, Google featured it in the relevant category. This is known as “Featured Apps”.

    In A Nutshell

    While we are wrapping up, there are some takeaway points like make your app Free for download, app store optimization, and attractive screenshots. Have you notice one thing is common in every popular apps strategy, they highlighted only those features, which belong to users, focus on user requirements, and pretend like they are the only solution for users problems. These points bring ample information about how to get more downloads for your Android app and Google play store hacks. So it’s better to be late than never, make proper research and targeted plan before launching your app on the app store.

    Being a member of a leading USA Android app development company, we are very much familiar with Google play store optimization. At Acquaint SoftTech, Our team always strives to develop growth driven and profitable mobile apps. We are experienced enough to give you a bespoke solution in the field of application development and web development. Social Media also helps you out in generating genuine traffic. If you found something amusing in this post, then Keep SHARING this piece of content with your colleagues.

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