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    Future of Remote Controls – Smart Remote for TV and Other Devices

    You must be thinking that this article would begin with a question – something that would make you think about the reason behind the development of the devices we are talking about. Something like ‘how many times have you lost your TV remote in the folds of your sheet or in the crevices of your couch?’ Well, it’s obvious that everyone has lost their remote at some point. Every single person who has owned a TV with a remote has lost it, fought over it, slapped it on the palm, or waved it in different directions to make it work.

    The TV remote that we see now was first invented in 1955 and was called the ‘flashmatic’. Present remote has a very smooth, soundless operation; the 20th-century remote used to make a click sound in its early days and was called a clicker. It does sound annoying, and thank god, we have come far beyond that time. But today, we are here to talk about how the remote control has evolved over time and what has become of it, particularly how it is now on the verge of extinction.


    Need for new ways to control TV

    Over the years, many new solutions have been implemented to rebrand and restructure the good ol’ clicker. From wired to wireless in just 5 years of inception, from remotes that can be found easily through a beeping mechanism to programmable replacement remotes, and of course, the more recent high tech developments like the ones with tracking tags or voice controls.

    But as we said earlier, we are here to talk about the how remote controls are on the verge of extinction. All because they are now being replaced by Universal Smart Remote Apps. All you have to do is download one such app on your phone and just configure it to work with your TV and voila!


    Peel Smart Remote for TV and other devices

    With more than 150 Million users, one of the most popular universal remote control apps is the Peel Smart Remote. Peel transforms your Android phone into a universal remote that lets you control your TV, STB, music system, AC, and many more devices.

    That’s not it; Peel aims to make your TV watching experience richer, controlled and more enhanced. Peel gives you access to the TV program guide of more than 150 countries. With that in your hands, you could view and create a list of your favorite channels or shows, you could receive recommendations based on your viewing history or based on what you like and most importantly, link your remote to your STB to record your favorite shows and watch them later.

    When you have all of this available just at the tap on your mobile screen, the idea of a physical remote, that too a different one for all your devices, seems a little too outdated and cumbersome. Just imagine, when you can control your TV with your voice (available with Peel in the United States), why would you ever want to go back to your old clicker?


    Advantages of a Universal Remote App over physical remotes

    If you think of it, remotes are moving toward extinction. With the technological developments, you can now control your devices with hand gestures with a slightly over the top expense on hardware. You can install apps on your phone like Peel or invest in other devices like voice-controlled systems or fancy tech systems for your smart homes. Whatever you do, moving beyond your old remote controls is a wise decision you would take. Here is why:

    • Devices are becoming smart. Changing the way you control your old ones is only the right thing to do. You can voice control them, gesture controls them or maybe in the future just control them with your thoughts. An app is an easiest and cheapest way to get an alternative which controls more devices altogether.
    • Your physical remotes can’t let you view or mark your favorite shows during the boring yet mandatory office meeting that was just not required. Schedule your week’s TV time and don’t miss any show with Peel Program Guide.
    • You only think about this, how is having separate remotes for separate devices sensible when everything is moving towards a smarter and more enriched user experience. Universal remote apps like Peel let you control all your devices which need a remote control with one Android phone which you already have.


    How to use the Peel Smart Remote app?

    Peel uses the built-in IR-blaster in your Android phone to connect with your TV or STB or through the WiFi network to connect with your smart home devices like TV or Philips Hue lights. The app instantly connects with devices, transforming your phone into a smart remote. It even offers an easy interface of remotes which you can further customize based on your needs. The basic remote is the exact replica of that of the physical remote of the device you are controlling.

    At this point, you could be thinking that there is a catch to it. Well, there isn’t! This app is free and easy to use. The choice is yours. Have one free app in your phone or have multiple remotes lying around your house over the coffee table or in the folds of your sheets.

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