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    Four Vital Things to be Addressed in Any Mobile App Development Project

    When it comes to mobile application development, developers need to have great knowledge of all the trends and technologies of this domain. Minor miscalculations during the designing or implementation of an app can turn into a disaster. Problems can occur at any stage of the process of a mobile application development. It can be because of an undeveloped idea, or the wrong selection of a development technology. A mobile app can also receive less attention because of being based on an unsuitable business model. Facebook experienced the same when the company relied heavily on HTML5 than native applications.

    However, the social media company soon overcame all difficulties, but it was hard for it to quickly adopt a particular set of tools and then change the entire course.

    Indeed there are different designing, development, and deployment-related issues that need to be addressed before beginning the development of a mobile application. Expert mobile application developers keep following things in mind while they work on a mobile application development project:


    The approach for user input

    With smartphones, users have limited screen-area to do every task. Expert developers know this fact and thus they apply an input method that is suitable for mobile displays. Users do not want an app with scroll button. They do not want to go to the bottom to find information. They want things on a single page that is appearing on a 4 to 5-inch display.

    Professional mobile application development firms avoid making pages with a scroll. Luke Wroblewski, an author of Web Form Design and Mobile First, believes that developers yet to develop a right input method for mobile devices. Users are less interested in completing time-consuming tasks through their mobile devices. The task of filling out forms appears to be a burden to go through the small display of a smartphone.


    User interface design and usability

    A mobile app is supposed to be impressive by design. If it fails to hold users, it fails to attain success. Do not forget that users already have thousands of other options, and if your app does not have something different in terms of UI design and usability, it will just be another app in app stores. Developers need to be extra careful while designing the user interface.


    The development of technology – Native, Web or Hybrid

    Not all application ideas are suitable for all mobile software development technologies. Developers have three options for building mobile software: native, web, and hybrid. The native is one of the most popular methods. They also have the web application development method, but a web app only works if the device is connected to the internet. Many developers have combined both technologies and discovered a different approach known as a hybrid. Still, the decision depends on the type of issue you want to solve through a mobile app.


    The app type – Free, Paid, Freemium, or Hybrid

    Most of the apps in app stores are available for free. Free apps quickly get a good response. Their developers earn through advertisements. Building a paid app is the easiest way to generate revenue; however, the app should be able to create a requirement. Many developers make free apps and lock some of their features that can only be unlocked if users make in-app purchases. Another popular business model is hybrid. In this model, the developer can combine two or more models such as premium with ad-supported or premium with in-app purchases. An article by Adobe with the title

    Choosing the right business model for your game or app gives quite useful information on choosing a suitable business model. When mobile application developers succeed to address above mentioned pointers, they succeed to build a successful app.

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