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    Formulating an Excellent Food Ordering Mobile App

    Gone are the days when people had time to physically visit restaurants and relax and order food. Now with the influx of the mobile era, people think it better to either decide the restaurant they want to visit or get the food delivered to their homes or offices. Today 80% of people either search for restaurants or order food online, why? The answer is simple ‘to save time’.

    Searching for your favorite restaurant offerings or menu of the day or your favorite cuisines is a child’s play today. With the mobile and web apps like Zomato, Swiggy etc you can even search for the best food and/or restaurants in unknown places, cities, countries etc. You can read reviews about the food, restaurant and then make up your choice.

    But then these apps need to be designed the way that the users will say ‘Wow’ after using the app. The biggest challenge in designing a food ordering app is that it’s a commercial app and anyone can use it or any device on any operating system. The images, the content, the information has to 100% absolute with no window for the slightest mistake.

    How People Order Food Online


    Pointers to Build a Flawless Food Ordering Mobile App

    Following is a list of some very important tips that you need to consider not only before starting the development but also till the release of the app on the play store.


    The Focal Point of the App:

    This is the starting point of the app designing i.e. what is the business motive and what do you want to give to the people? Hence define the app and what flair your app can give. Look out and study the best apps in this field and their services.


    Define the Patent Functionalities of the App:

    This is one of the important steps that need to be done before starting the app development; to decide on the obvious use cases and functionalities of the app. These important and basic functionalities should be discussed and set before the development commences.


    Choice of Platforms and Development Tools:

    Be very clear about the:

    • Target operating system and versions: Android, iOS, Windows etc.
    • Target device screen sizes
    • The best type of app – native or hybrid, which suffices your need the best
    • The development frameworks and technology

    Graphics and Content:

    The graphics i.e. the images and the content should be perfect and second to none. Put the ‘real’ looking images. The content should give a positive vibe to the reader such that the person will feel like ordering. Your app will sell if people like the reviews, images or info about the food.


    SEO, Keywords:

    Research utterly about what are the keywords that people use the most while searching or ordering food online. Add these keywords to your content and screenshots of your app in the play stores.

    Easy as Pie Flow:

    Keep the flow and navigation as simple as possible. Avoid adding unnecessary and complex functionalities. No one likes to navigate via 10 screens for placing a food order.


    The Right Amount of Performance Testing:

    It is very important that a commercial app is well tested for its performance, stress, and timeouts. Hence this non-functional testing should be done on a planned test bed. App crashing or timing out will do nothing but lead to the downfall.


    Tail End:

    A perfectly designed food ordering app will cross the boundaries and bloom only if it is attracting the users and giving them what they want. Hence an in-depth study is very much needed to find out the market, what competitors are offering, what is most searched food cuisines, favorite foods etc and above all a beautiful and user-friendly app.

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