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    You Should be Aware of These Mobile App Development Predictions

    It’s amazing to see how Mobile app development is at its peak, where more and more developers are found jumping on the bandwagon on this lucrative field. With the dawn of the internet on desktops to laptops and now on smartphones, browsing has become a smoother and simpler task. Earlier there was a time when sceptics had predicted mobile app development wouldn’t last any longer. As of now, the tables have completely turned!

    Over the past few years, there has been observed a surge of mobile apps revamping several aspects of our personal and professional lives. According to Statistics, Internet of Things connectivity is expected to attract revenue up to $26.66 billion by 2019. From messaging apps to the apps, for booking movies, shopping, or ordering food, app developers are found dealing with an untold pressure to deliver ‘Best in the market’ apps for their users. With the urge of 2019, we will be discovering a brighter future in the mobile app development realm. (Let’s keep our fingers crossed).

    Technology can be undeniably fascinating but it can get further as scary at an equivalent time I mean look at this cladded world. Call it a blessing or a curse, everything can be done with the help of smartphones. Without a shadow of a doubt, several close parameters are set regarding consumer’s lives and corporate growth. And that’s the reason why mobile apps are no longer a luxury; in fact, they have become a norm we have all grown accustomed to. With 5G network trials happening everywhere, the realm of app development is about to take 360-degree change. Further below I would like to mention a few pointers stating how the field of mobile apps is set to go a notch higher offering professionals a great room to play.


    Accelerated Mobile Pages

    Since 2016, Application Performance Management (AMP) and Google search merged with each other to succeed and since there is no looking back. As a result, mobile app developers could easily use the framework to boil down version of HTML for better user experience and retention. Consider Facebook Instant Articles, nothing can be the perfect example of its success story. With the help of these monitoring tools and metrics, all the bottlenecks sooner or later can be resolved. Also, AMP has the potential to enhance overall performance. Hope it becomes staple one day with time.


    Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

    Advances in machine learning have been revolutionizing almost every industry, and the mobile realm is no exception. These disruptive technologies have dug their heels deeper to an extent beyond imagination. For example, one of the best example to showcase that machine learning and artificial intelligence have become the core part of mobile apps is the way AI makes itself manifest in the form of chatbots and Siri. I personally find them like laurel and hardy; ones that cannot be separated now.



    It’s all about Chatbots

    As mentioned above, Chatbots have become a very integral part of digital reality now. The computer programs that are highly responsible for conducting conversations in the form of natural human language through auditory or textual methods. Now I would like to ask you something- did you ever had a frustrating experience trying to explain things to a chatbot? Well, I had too, and it is because of its poor speech reception. With the dawn of 2019, several improvements will be seen in natural language processing (NLP) and speech recognition by leaps and bounds. Apart from this,

    • When paired with ML, chatbots would quickly process and report business data
    • Chatbots will provide prompt responses, summarized answers to questions involving product and service lines, or technical support issues.
    • Provide great assistance in facilitating and simplifying conversations between teams
    • One can expect these tiny bots to propose a business strategy for the future.


    Wearable Devices

    Smart things are pretty much in talks these days- all thanks to the rise in wearable technologies and the internet of things. There is no doubt in the fact that the gamut of IoT is expanding each day. Right from vehicles to wearable gadgets, RFID sensors and software; there is always something new to marvel at each passing day. The trend is more likely to expand in 2019. With the help of IoT objects, one can already collect as well as exchange data without any requirement of human interaction. This means there would be better, cost-efficient and readily available solutions for the end-users.


    Instant Apps

    Much like websites, Instant Applications have the same fundamental foundations providing users with enhanced ease of access. And it may quite interest you to know that this distinctive feature of an instant app makes it more favourable over the regular ones. Today, they are labelled as the faster, new-age alternative to traditional apps. It may also interest you to know that they can be used directly from OS’s app store and consumes minimal space. In a quest to achieving enhance user experience and shorten load times, instant apps are likely to be a welcomed 2019. This will also eliminate the waiting time required in the installation altogether.


    Augmented Reality and Virtual reality

    In simple words, these terms are created with the help of computer technology. With the help of the user’s actual surroundings, these techs provide tips, suggestions, and insights to initiate engagement. This also means in 2019, we are more likely to see user experiences that surpass the limitations of a digital screen- all because of AR and VR. In fact, many social media stations like Instagram and Snapchat are already using AR technologies in the form of face filters to engage its users to take more and more pictures. Due to which businesses are all set in their branding and marketing campaigns to drive engagements and long-term customer retention.


    Final Thoughts

    However, with the moving wheel of time, mobile app development will be more focusing on conveniences, personalized solutions and unparalleled experiences to users. Businesses who aspire to make it big would require to make the most of these aforementioned trends. Inquisitiveness and excitement galore reside in some of the finest brains in the business. And since we have been talking about app intricacies, get ready to feel the surging adrenaline rush! So that’s all for now! Keep watching the space to get a better perspective regarding the same.


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    George Alexander is working as a Business Analyst at Tatvasoft Australia. He is a result oriented Business Analyst with problem-solving skills well experienced in understanding business issues/requirement and challenges and providing solutions also.

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