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    Enterprise App Development: An Industry With No Recession

    Imagine your smartphone with no app in it. Imagine the use of pictures without filters. Imagine who is going to tell you the nearest restaurant with your favourite food in an unknown city. Imagine there are no apps. Neither you nor your phones have been as smart as they are now. In today’s competitive and technological world apps and software are developed for computers, mobiles, and tablets to perform various tasks and to cater your silly needs. From shopping to learning to cooking to time-pass; there is an app for all. This industry of mobile app development and software development has no recession. Go to the app store of your mobile software and type your need; in a fraction of time, you would be flooded with hundreds of apps to choose and download either for free or on paid basis.

    It has entertainment and earnings altogether. App Development is a flourishing industry. You can earn a good amount by selling the desired and useful apps. App Development calls for below features in an App Developer:

    • Should have a good mind’s eye
    • Should understand the need of the user
    • Should know which type of app to be developed among the three types i.e.
    • App Native
    • Hybrid, and
    • Web
    • Create an app
    • Test it and
    • Launch it.

    With a virtue developed among ours resource fullness and a desire to develop an app through app maker, it has become easy these days. Let’s discuss the various forms of apps and their usefulness:


    • Business Application: Applications used by business users to perform their task, increase productivity, improve efficiency, and maintain data. The various applications are used in business like to maintain inventory, to keep the record of expenses, the record of attendance, maintaining accounts, payroll etc. It is a set of application if you want you can get it customized according to your needs and goals. Example of business applications are Spreadsheet, Microsoft Office, Tally. The main motive of these applications is to achieve the organizational goals.


    • Enterprise App Development: These applications are used within enterprises to solve problems and share data. With the trend of cloud computing in the market, sharing and learning have become much easier. It is a network of the internet which is used by various users at the same time. A few of Enterprise Applications Development is Payment Processing, Business Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence, Enterprise Resource Planning, Customer Relationship Management etc. Appropriate training courses are piloted to train on this software. There are professionals appointed to work on this software. These apps help the organization to improve efficiency. Software companies, banks, BPOs, hospitals, clubs, and government organizations use such apps.


    • Enterprise Mobile App: These apps are designed to solve business or enterprise problems. Employees use these apps to access company’s data. Every employee in the company uses the same app as per need on their personal mobile handsets. There are many kinds of such apps, like Customer Support App, Make Payments, to Maintain Datasheets, to Login Attendance, to Maintain Supply of Products etc. The organizations permit only there employees to use these apps for organizational purposes.


    • Mobile App Development: These are apps designed for wireless devices to fulfill individual needs. Some apps are preinstalled on your mobiles and some need to be installed when you need them. There are different categories of the app like game, travel, cooking, entertainment, study and many more you can browse and download whichever app you need.


    • Software Development: It means developing software’s using specific programing language. It involves designing, programming, and testing of software. The software is designed to fulfill the needs of users. There are three types of software; one which is made for enterprises; the others made to fulfill specific needs and the software for individual users. Even the market is flooded with a variety of software depending upon nature of work. The software is costly, development takes lots of time and is used for specific purposes, but on the other side, they help to complete the task faster, making tasks simpler and easier.


    • Web-Based Application: These applications run on a web browser. They are usable with the only active internet connection. The database is the client based server and the app is installed on the desktop of all the employees. These apps are monitored by the client. Some examples of such applications are, where you don’t have to download any software. Web-based apps prove to be cost-effective, globally accessible, data can be shared anywhere, quick and easy to install and uninstall.


    • Website Development: In simple words, it means imagining, designing, creating, testing and maintaining the website on the internet. There are two sides of developing website one is front-end development and other is back-end. Front-end is which user sees designing the website and back-end is programming and data management.


    Enterprise apps have now become the fundamental need of every company’s digital strategy. Having said that, businesses are progressively ever-changing from heritage to innovativeness, taking hold of the benefits that ease of access to know-how and Internet of Things (IoT) incorporation can offer to their business and customers.

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