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    Best Meeting Scheduler Apps to Help in 2019

    The good meeting happens when people prepare well; scheduling meetings can be quite a time to consume and also disrupts productivity. One way to manage a little more time is to be efficient with how you schedule your meetings. Choosing a proper time and date for your meeting can be either scheduled smoothly or might end up getting a bit longer than usual. In such situations, the meeting scheduler apps can help to make the process quick. Such applications help to poll colleagues and friends on their best date and time to meet by letting them know your availability which avoids double-booking a time slot.

    The best meeting scheduler applications are very easy to use as they offer a good value and a few additional features than a regular calendar. Mostly, all the meeting scheduler apps can connect to your online calendars such as Google Calendar, iCal, and Outlook. The apps can also help to write new appointments on your calendar for you and offers other tools for sending an invitation to the people with whom you can figure out which one is best for you. Let us look at a few meeting scheduler apps which can make your life easier.


    1. Boomerang Calendar

    Boomerang Calendar is a browser extension for Chrome and Firefox that plugs into Gmail and Google Calendar by giving it direct access to schedule your meetings as well as emails. It comes with an option to figure out agreeable meeting times to get them onto both your calendar and your colleagues. The app also allows embedding a view of your calendar by showing the options so that you can send them to the people you need to meet. It does not display the details of other events to your recipients while sharing the calendar.


    2. Calendly

    This app lets you schedule meetings by showing your recipients the availability and offering them variant types of appointments. This app is best suited for the people who have a bunch of meeting requests and needs simple and clear simply. By connecting with your calendar, be it Google Calendar or iCal; it also connects with Microsoft 365 or Outlook. This app helps you to send a link to people who need to schedule meetings with them so your recipients can see when you are available or else request the meetings you need. It also offers to create an event on your invitees’ calendars by syncing all the confirmed appointments to your calendar.


    3. Doodle

    Doodle is one of the best apps for mobile users as it allows you to work well by picking an appropriate date and time for both professional and personal events for sharing your availability with others. The app also does the polling where you do not need to limit people to reply to each suggestion by only yes or no but also allows to add ‘if need be’ for situations when the timing is not ideal but can work. But there is a limitation to this app as you can only access a few features when installing a free version.


    4. FreeBusy

    FreeBusy is a meeting scheduler app which you can use both inside and outside your organization. You can easily integrate with just any calendar including the hosted ones on Facebook, Google, iCloud, Microsoft Office 365, Oracle, OwnCloud, Salesforce, and Zimbra. The app also integrates with several popular video conferencing systems such as Bluejeans and Zoom by a simple plugin for Outlook and Chrome extension as well. FreeBusy offers multiple integrations, and so it works extremely well across the organizations who might use variant tools as it has friendly interface and extensions which makes it easy to use for anyone.


    5. Rally

    This scheduler app helps you and your associates find an agreeable date together. The real secret behind the app is that the person who creates the poll and everyone answers it. This app runs smoothly on a desktop and can be easily managed by scheduling the time and date for the user. The only drawback is it doesn’t really have any management tools or advanced scheduling features which are more or less offering connectivity. The good news is its free and open source.


    Before You Go

    We can conclude from the given list of scheduler apps which are very crucial nowadays to manage your time and date efficiently. You can try your hands on every app to see which works the best for you. It is always best to have a scheduler app on hand to manage your hectic schedules and note down the important meetings which reduce your chances of forgetting it. You can also send a link to the meeting recipients a few minutes before a web conference as a part of the notification. As said Time is Money, and so you should definitely give your mind a rest by utilizing these scheduler applications.

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