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    Top 6 Best Applications for Listening Music on Your Device

    Today we leave you a series of applications or different ways to listen to all the music you like. The best part is that many of them are free applications, which undoubtedly makes the experience of listening to music something that our pockets will not regret. Both Spotify, Apple Music, Google Music, Deezer, Soundcloud have a music catalog of more than 30 million songs.

    #1. Spotify

    It is without a doubt the star streaming service par excellence. They have a wide catalog of music and many free functions. There is also the possibility of opening a premium account on Spotify that gives you access to other exclusive features. It is very easy to use, and the audio quality is always excellent. The only problem is the ads on the free account. From time to time, you will get ads in exchange for enjoying a free service. We go as the radio of something has to earn money or do not charge you for work? It is an excellent service.

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    #2. Apple Music

    The Apple version of streaming services. Known for its selection of artists, who in many cases release their albums exclusively with Apple Music. You can try for free for three months, but then it is paid. It is an unlimited streaming service in exchange for a fee of $9.99. It can be an option to consider by music fans. The best a family plan of $ 14.99 per month, for families of up to 6 people.

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    #3. Google Play Music

    The competition of Apple Music and Spotify but Google. The Google Play Music app lets you listen to your music collection wherever you are. All your music is stored online, so you do not have to worry about synchronizing it or the space it occupies. The songs you buy on Google Play appear automatically in the application. The way in which these application works is something different. We are the ones who upload the songs to the cloud privately. Then we can listen to them through the mobile application or the web player. Add up to 50,000 songs from your personal music collection on your computer for free. We are the ones who decide the playlists that are created. A different option to listen to music. Then you have the premium option with 30 days of free trial. This allows you to listen to millions of songs without limits and without having to buy them like the rest of the streaming services. Create custom radios for any song or artist. Create your own radio and skip the songs you do not want to hear. Get recommendations according to your tastes.

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    #4. Soundcloud

    Soundcloud is an independent website. You can usually listen to many independent artists or who are just beginning their career. SoundCloud allows you to listen to music and much more. Find new music Collect songs and playlists. Follow friends and artists. Discover podcasts, humor, and news. The SoundCloud app allows you to listen more. More hip hop, rock, electronics more classic more house, jazz, audiobooks, sports it is to say it in some way, a small paradise of indie music. In addition, in many cases, artists cannot find them on other platforms such as Spotify. Try the exploration section to find music and novel sounds of all genres you can imagine.

    [appbox googleplay]

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    #5. Deezer

    It is an application quite similar to Spotify. It has a great design and interface, which makes it one of the most interesting visually. With Deezer, you can listen to all the music you want for FREE. Find your style among 40 million songs the more music you listen to, the more personalized the recommendations will be. One of the features that many of Deezer highlight is that they make your recommendation. In this way, you can discover new artists. It’s free, but as in the case of Spotify, if you want to avoid ads you must make a premium account. Create your own music library and always find what you’re looking for.

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    #6. YouTube

    The video webpage par excellence is another option to listen to music. In addition, thanks to the possibility of creating playlists are very simple. And free. The biggest problem is that, which not an application to listen to music is. It is a web of videos. If you want to listen to it on your mobile you will have a big problem, and that is that the screen must always be on because when the screen turns off, the playback stops.

    [appbox googleplay]

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