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    Top 10 Best & Useful Android Apps for Bicycle Lovers

    Top 10 Best & Useful Android Apps for Bicycle Lovers

    From tracking rides to finding a good place to rest, apps make a smartphone an ideal cycling assistant apart from being used for texting and taking calls.

    bicycle apps, Top 10 Best & Useful Android Apps for Bicycle Lovers


    1. Beanhunter

    It offers a wide range of cafes around the world. With it, you can share your encounters by uploading pictures and opinions of the cafes that you visit. Write a review and read other users’ reviews.


    1. Bike Citizens

    This app acts as a travel guide and a navigational app. It offers a wide continuously updated database of maps and tips and areas of interest to make the most of a ride.

    In 2015, it won the Eurobike Award for being a must-have invention and so, it has lots of recommendations.

    [appbox googleplay screenshots org.bikecityguide]

    1. Komoot

    This app turns the phone into an ideal satellite navigation that has voice commands. You can enter your location and your destination before riding and it saves it as a planned travel.

    [appbox googleplay screenshots]

    bicycle apps, Top 10 Best & Useful Android Apps for Bicycle Lovers

    1. Bike Gear Calculator

    This app offers a fast way of comparing gears on the bike and on setups that you consider. It also foresees how quickly you will travel in a certain gear at a certain cadence.

    [appbox googleplay screenshots com.gearcalculator]


    1. Relive



    This app captures the ride data from Polar, Garmin Connect, Strava or Endomondo and transforms it into a moving map. Any ride from 10 km for over twelve hours or less is uploaded. When the ride gets shared to the logging service, it sends an email which has a link to your video.

    [appbox googleplay screenshots cc.relive.reliveapp]



    1. Bike Computer

    This is a simple app which tracks metrics like distance, route, pace, and elevation. It is suitable for Bluetooth heart rate monitors and the rides are shared directly to Facebook and Strava upon completion.

    [appbox googleplay screenshots co.bikecomputer]



    1. Strava

    This app tracks and records rides and it provides speed, distance, and other metrics. How the rides are shown is what makes it different from other apps. The segments section shows the times on leader boards so that you can compare yourself to others who have cycled the same path.

    [appbox googleplay screenshots com.strava]


    1. Garmin Connect Mobile

    This app is useful if you have the latest Garmin Edge GPS unit. It connects the device in order to upload rides to Garmin website which then shares a rider’s data with MyFitnessPal and Strava. You must have it if you want to use Garmin’s live tracking feature to inform someone about your location while riding.

    [appbox googleplay screenshots]


    1. Endomondo

    This is a simple app that tracks calories, speed, and duration. It can be used together with the heart rate monitor and it keeps a full training log which allows riders to analyze their training.

    [appbox googleplay screenshots]



    1. MapMyRide

    This app plots routes and finds other routes in the area. It has a huge database of routes which makes it the best app for riders who want to explore a certain region of a country.

    [appbox googleplay screenshots com.mapmyride.android2]


    Those are the best cycling apps that allow you to plan routes, record rides, remain on top of your training, and so forth.

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