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    7 Best Android Apps You Should Use in 2019

    In this technological era, almost everyone owns a smartphone and if you also have one, then you need to make sure that you use it effectively. There are some people who keep a number of applications on their phones and this uses the whole storage of the phone. So, before downloading any application, it is important that you install the apps which are useful for you every day. Instead of installing thousands of app, it is better that you install some applications which would work the best for you. Here are the top apps which you should have in your Android smartphones:


    1. Google Drive

    Storage is an issue which is faced by a lot of people whose android doesn’t have much space. One or the other time, you will run out of space if you don’t know the way to manage your phone storage. So, you should have Google Drive which is a cloud storage app and it is also available on every Android smartphone. Every user gets 15 GB of free cloud space when he/she signs up. You can also get more space whenever you need it. There are some more apps which are attached to it and these are Google Photos, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Calendar and many more


    2. Whatsapp

    If you want to stay connected with your friends and family, then Whatsapp is considered one of the best social media apps. So, you should definitely have Whatsapp in your phone otherwise you might end up getting disconnected with everyone. You can send photos, videos, documents through this app and you can also make audio and videos call other than chatting with your friends.


    3. Netflix

    If you want to watch movies and videos, then you can download Netflix which is one of the best movie and series application. You can watch a number of movies and TV shows with the help of this application as it provides options like 4k streaming and offline viewing. You can watch the famous programmes on this app without paying any money for it. Not only you will pass your time on this app but you can know about the new and trending TV shows and movies.

    4. Microsoft Office

    If you work in a company, then it is very important that you have MS office in your smartphone also. It is not possible to carry your laptop everywhere you go and that’s why MS office can help you to do your important work on your phone. You can do your work while traveling and even if you don’t have to time to sit on your computer desk. So, this app can be very useful for you and it is totally free for users.


    5. Employee tracker

    If you want to track the team of your office, then you can download the employee tracker application in your smartphone. You can get automatic reports and alerts related to the performance and attendance of your employees. You can track real-time location with which you can know where your employees are going during their working hours. You can get alerts when someone is wasting his/her time. With best performance analysis feature, you can come to know which of your employee is best for the company. You can make fast decisions with the help of reports provided by this app and that’s why you can install this app which is totally free of cost.


    6. Note maker app

    It is necessary that you take a note of every step you take and before the next day arrives, it is better that you do planning at night or early in the morning. Sometimes, you forget some things which are really important to do. So, at that time, you can have the note maker app with which you can be able to remember all the tasks which you can do in your free time. This can be like your personal diary in which you can write everything and anything you want.


    7. PDF Reader

    Whether you are a student or an employee, you should have the PDF reader in your phone with which you can download books and read them directly on your smartphone. You don’t need to carry heavy books wherever you go because you can have the best PDF reader along with you all the time.

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