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    6 Ways a Mobile App Can Benefit Small Business

    Mobile apps help business to generate profitable opportunities by delivering personalized shopping experiences and building brand loyalty through user reviews and interactions. Mobile devices run a lot of applications that serve different functions. Businesses have realized this and are now migrating from the traditional advertising methods of handing out leaflets and hanging billboards to the mobile realm. Here are ways that your business will benefit from a mobile app.

    Increases Visibility & Provide More Value to Clients

    Studies have shown that in the US the average person uses their phone five times an hour in every waking hour. There are more than a billion smartphones globally. This is great for businesses as it means your products and services will be exposed to numerous people if you have a mobile presence.  Use your mobile app to show the name of your business, image, and logo clearly to attract potential customers as they scroll down their devices.

    This is the best way to increase customer interactions with your business to promote sales. Create a loyalty program within your app to encourage users to interact more with your business so they can earn points. These points can, in turn, be used for great deals on products to provide a level of value for your customers. Additionally, you can customize an automatic thank you notification to clients when they make a purchase.

    Market More Directly

    A mobile app offers a lot of information to customers including their demographic and geographic location. A mobile app helps you offer a valuable solution to customers remotely.  It is easy to target key users of your business app with location and time-specific messages by integrating beacons and geo-targeting technology. You can make information about your products and services available to customers. Such information includes a news feed, new features, product reviews, product specification, promotions, prices and special rates. This approach can help your business narrow its focus to deliver targeted ads to consumers at the right time and location.

    A mobile app makes data on customer purchase available to you instantly, and you can know the preference of each customer so you can meet their individual demand.  You can combine geo-fencing and texts to set up messages for your loyal customers that are nearby. Letting them know about special events or flash sales will make them feel valued, and they are likely to make a purchase.

    Build Brand Recognition

    A mobile app is a great way to get customers involved with your products and services. The more customers interact with the app, the more they build trust with you and actually like the products. This rule of advertising is called the effective frequency, and it states that “if the customers see the brand at least 20 times then it is truly noticed.” With an app, you get to educate and show people what you can actually do for them instead of telling them. A mobile app features a sharing option where your users can share your products and services with their family and friends.

    A mobile app can help you grow your email listing, and you can have your customers’ book appointments or sign up for special events or classes via your app. You can scan and add contact info and important information on your mobile app instead of printing business cards.

    Improved Profits and Mobile Payments

    A mobile app allows small business to handle business transactions in seconds via their mobile phones or tablets. It saves time and eliminates the need for customized payment systems and bulky registers. If you run an online business, a mobile app will tremendously boost your profits. According to eConsultancy, about 83% of online shoppers require support and guidance within 5 minutes to make an online purchase. Customer satisfaction automatically leads to increased profits.

    A mobile app complements your website to boost sales while enhancing the buyer experience. If you only limit your presence to a website you will find customers who will make a purchase and leave never to come back. A website attracts customers while the mobile app creates customer loyalty. All a mobile app requires is a single touch on the screen of your device while a website requires clients to open a browser and enter the URL.

    Increase Customer Loyalty

    Customer loyalty is achieved by constantly reminding your clients about your products and the kind of services you offer. Communication is key for small business. There are lots of ways of getting your message out there such as billboards, flyers, coupons and website banners among others. If you use the same marketing strategies that everyone else is using chances are your message will get lost in these crowded places.

    A mobile app is incredibly cost-effective for small businesses that want to stay connected with their customers. It enables customer service representatives to stay on top of rising customer demands by responding to queries as soon as possible. As a business owner ask yourself how many customers came back to the store to make a second purchase.

    Turn Your App into a Social Platform

    A mobile app sets a small business apart from its competitors no matter what you even natural steroids. Take advantage of this effective communication tool before your competitors realize its importance. Most people log on to social media just to see what their friends are saying. To grow your business much faster with your mobile app integrate numerous social features such as photo sharing, likes, comments and in-app messaging. Enable logging in to your app via other social platforms such as FaceBook or Twitter.

    Have a help desk within the app where customers can post their complaints, suggestions, and orders. This approach is effective in increasing customer engagement, loyalty, customer retention, and repeat in sales to an unprecedented level.



    Mobile apps are fast and simple to operate. Just by a touch of the mobile screen, your clients can see your services and products. Start with a great business website, attract customers then urge them to download your mobile app on their devices. With a good structure, you receive tons of information on exactly how people interact with your app, the average time a user spends looking at your app, to the amount of money you make from every purchase.

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