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    The 5 Best Mobile Applications for Your Kitchen

    Your kitchen is an essential area in your home. It is where you can make and enjoy your meals with your family. Believe it or not, you can use mobile apps to help you select unique decorations to add flair to your kitchen. There are also apps that can help you with several tasks in your kitchen like cooking and inventory.

    These apps cater specifically to your kitchen needs, whether it’s for cooking or when you’re doing a simple remodeling job. They are essential in preparing your meals efficiently and making your kitchen an awesome and easier place to work and dine in. Here’s a list of mobile apps that can help you inside your kitchen.


    IKEA Home Planner

    IKEA Home Planner is a simple-to-use app that enables you to create a realistic and beautiful home and interior kitchen designs instantly. This app will help you in choosing a faucet, accessories and decor elements, and other customized furniture. For your convenience, you can also drag and drop items at any place on your kitchen design layout.

    IKEA Home Planner is an ideal tool for your cabinet placement. You can also layout your home and kitchen project on your phone and be able to change and mix textures and colors of any items and details for your project. The app makes it easier for you to browse through a lot of categories for your convenience.


    Wave Timer

    A lot of times, people have problems when it comes to getting the right timing on that delicious cake or that perfect roast. Don’t fret, the Wave Timer app can help you achieve that perfect meal.

    This iPhone app has a unique feature that uses your phone’s camera to turn off the alarm. This feature is handy when your hands are messy. No need to unlock your phone, just wave your hand or palm and the timer will shut down immediately.

    Wave Timer also offers you a rotary style interface for you to operate the app easier. The app’s interface is neat and easy to use. Its play center has a play button that allows you to set the dials for hours, minutes, and seconds. You can spin its dials with the correct time, and tap its play button to get you started.


    Kitchen Calculator

    Do you consider yourself struggling with cooking measurements and the basic kitchen maths? If you do, then the Kitchen Calculator app can help you solve your problem. This app allows you to do your cooking and measuring a lot easier. The Kitchen calculator will do all the necessary recipe calculations for you.

    The app allows you to convert and calculate the kitchen proportions from any other units of measurement. Aside from that, it also allows you to get the weight to volume conversion of your ingredients and vice versa. The app makes your cooking conversions and analysis simpler than before with just a tap of your fingertip.


    Dirty Dozen

    Dirty Dozen is your ideal iPhone app to help you decide and buy organic fruits and vegetables. It is a free and simple app that will help you maintain a healthier lifestyle. This app has a list of twelve fruits and vegetables that you shouldn’t buy and eat since they contain the highest levels of pesticides that are harmful to your body.

    The app allows you to choose and buy its list of fifteen fruits and vegetables that contain the lowest levels of pesticides. You can tap the app’s guide button to help you find information about each food’s pesticide contents.


    Nose to Tail

    Nose and Tail is a mobile app you need to get the different cuts of meat. This app will give you information about the different cuts of meat from chicken, cow, pig, and lamb. The app also displays which recipes are ideal for that specific cut of meat.

    You can browse the app to get the perfect cut of meat for your dish while giving you the correct cooking methods and other suggested uses as well. This app provides you the necessary description and characteristics of each cut and lets you discover unique cuts of meat.



    Nowadays, most of us rely on apps to help us with our daily needs. Believe it or not, their apps designed to help us in the kitchen. The apps listed above are great examples of the apps you can use for your kitchen needs.

    Most of the time, these apps help you by providing ease and comfort in doing your tasks. Wavetime, for example, helps you with timers. The Kitchen calculator app helps you with measurements and conversions when cooking. When you get a hang of using these apps, you’ll be sure to have an easy time when you do your cooking inside your kitchen.

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