In 2018, it is highly possible that your phone is your most trusted friend. Phones bail you out of dicey situations, helps remind you of upcoming events and birthdays you always forget, help you with your studies and do so much more. In short, you are a more efficient person because of your phone. Today, we are bringing you a list of the top ten Apps that every Android user must install on their phones. We swear that you will thank us later.

All of these apps are available on the Google Play Store. But as a matter of fact Google Play Store, due to its policies, tend to discard many exciting apps. These apps then find their way into the unofficial Android app stores like aptoide. Like most of the unofficial Android app stores, you can install aptoide for free and explore all the apps which couldn’t see the light of day on Google Play Store.

  1. Due Today – Task Manager

Due today (tasks and to do lists) helps you get organized in your personal style. It helps you organize task lists for you to finish, set the start dates and deadlines and reminds you as per your settings. It features the Get Things Done method and can sync multiple accounts of yours to the calendar. Work or personal life, Due Today can handle both for you with ease! It is rated 4.4 stars in the Android Play store.

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  1. Alarmy – Alarms That Won’t Let You Sleep

Rated 4.7 stars, Alarmy has a “Sleep if you can” challenge that they deliver to really well. Filled with tasks for you to shake your brain out of that sleep fog, Alarmy won’t let you sleep till you complete their random little tasks to turn the alarm off. If you have an oversleeping problem, this alarm will save you a lot of misery.

  1. Inshorts – News On The Go

Inshorts is one of the best news reading apps in the play store. It summarizes news to 60 words so that you get an idea of all the things that have happened during the day. There is an option to read the complete description too if you’d like to go into details. Moreover, it’s fake news proof!

  1. Adobe Acrobat Reader – PDF Reader

Everyone gets a lot of PDFs over the mail and messages to read through, and sometimes the default apps are inefficient and slow. Adobe Acrobat Reader is the standard and leading app when it comes to accessing PDF documents. It consists of features such as editing, adding sticky notes, comments, quick zoom in and out, etc. It is also lightning fast when it comes to opening and sharing big files on any app that supports sharing.

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  1. Firefox – Web Browser and Search Engine

Firefox lets you work quickly by providing quick search results, opening pages without a lag and protects your privacy. Its newest feature helps you protect your data from social media sites such as Facebook to ensure you are safe from third-party viewers.

Firefox Browser fast & private
Firefox Browser fast & private
  • Firefox Browser fast & private Screenshot
  • Firefox Browser fast & private Screenshot

  1. Nike Training – Stay Fit

Nike training has over 160 workout videos for free! This means that you can rock a killer body by working out at home as well. For those who can’t make time for gyms, we highly recommend you to use their personalized workout plans which can be tailored according to your problem areas that need improvement.

  1. Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus – Secure Your Phone

Kaspersky makes it in the top 10 grossing tool apps on the Play store because it is an all in one security system for your phone. It features an antivirus, web security system and an app lock. It is rated at 4.7 stars and has amazing user reviews.

  1. Google Drive – Save Data in the Cloud

Ever run out of space on the phone? We know how it feels. Google Drive is a cloud computer that helps you to save literally everything you want from your phone, all you need is a Google account. You can access the data online and hence there is no need to keep copies on the phone, which means more free space. It is very secure and can be accessed from multiple devices.

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Google Drive
Google Drive
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free+

  1. Google Maps – Travel Efficiently

Never get lost again, never get stuck in a traffic jam. Google Maps dominates the street view mapping of the country and even globally. They provide the shortest routes, track traffic you can avoid by using alternate paths and have a very accurate ETA display. You can choose your mode of transport for customized views, save addresses and even gives access to apps such as Uber to book yourselves a cab.

  1. Spotify – Music That Matches Your Mood

Find all your favorite music and artists on Spotify. All you need is an internet connection. The premium feature lets you go offline by downloading and saving your playlists. They have a continuous playlist according to your preferences, moods and search pattern. Fewer ads are a big plus!

These top 10 apps will definitely make 2018 a very productive year for you as they sum up everything you need in your daily life. Please let us know your experience using them and how helpful you found our article.

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