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    Top 10 Free Tweaking Tools for Microsoft Windows 7

    Windows 7 is considered to be an impressive machine while performing day to day tasks. It offers extensive features and services though some users prefer to have certain changes according to their choice and needs. You can apply little tweaks to change system’s behavior, looks, and other features to optimize and personalize it. Let’s discuss top 10 free tweaking tools for Windows 7 to optimize and personalize it for better performance.


    top 10 windows tweaking tool


    #1 – Ultimate Windows Tweaker

    This tweaking utility for Windows resembles the TweakUI utility from Microsoft. This freeware tool works on the lines of old TweakUI utility concept and is available with additional features for Windows Vista and 7. This tool offers not less than 150 tweaking settings and variables which include the menu pop-up speed, system tray icons, control panel security settings, and lot of other tweaks that you normally can’t do. This 380 KB portable application can help you tweak a number of things in your system.


    #2 – Regedit

    Registry stores your system configuration information in a hierarchical database. You can use this tool to add or edit registry keys and values, import or export keys for backup or reference, restore the registry from a backup and for many more things. You can also use this tool to speed up Windows 7 taskbar, tweak Aero peek, customize the login buttons and to do various other things. This tool can help you do a lot of tweaks effortlessly for better system performance.


    #3 – God Mode

    Windows 7 includes a hidden developer shortcut named God Mode, which is used to provide instant and direct access to features and other options of the operating system. To activate God Mode on your system you need to add a new folder on your desktop and save it with the name God Mode {ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}. This action will change the folder icon into Control Panel icon and when you click on it you will be able to see every configuration option available in your system’s control panel. It creates a master list of all the menus and sub-menus of the control panel at one place. It is necessary to understand GodMode option doesn’t add any functionality to your system but it only helps to collect all the tweaks and controls in one place.


    #4 – TweakNow PowerPack

    This free utility can help you tweak and fine-tune your system’s operating system and Web browser. It offers a safe and easy way to clean your Windows Registry. The suit offers more than 100 tweaks hidden in the windows secret section. You can use these tweaks to customize your Windows effortlessly. Using Virtual Desktop module, you can tailor your computer screen to your mood and work requirements.


    #5 – EnhanceMySe7en

    This Windows third party tweaking utility offers a complete package for your Windows 7 system. You can do from very basic to most advanced tweaks using this tool. Using this tool, you can customize, tweak and enhance your Windows 7 system easily. It offers a variety of tweaking features like disk clean up, disk defragmentation, Windows registry edit and lot more.


    #6 – Tweak Star

    This tweaking tool works effectively with Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7. It offers tweaks in your system based on the analysis of its current status. It offers 8 different categories like Windows, File System, Configuration, Network etc. to apply tweaks. It also helps you create a registry backup and to do lot more things.


    #7 – Xdn Tweaker

    This free utility works perfectly on windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7. It offers hundreds of options to tweak your system for better performance. It also helps you perform some quick optimization tweaks to the Internet explorer.


    #8 – Windows 7 Little Tweaker

    This is a simple yet effective tool to perform some great optimization tweaks to your Windows 7. This tool is specially designed for Windows 7 and offers extensive features. It offers all tweak options in simple interface all you need to do is to click on them to apply them.


    #9 – Giga Tweaker

    This free utility offers a range of tweaking options related to security, system, restrictions, file and drives, start menu, visual effects and lot more. To apply these tweaks in the main window all you need to do is to click on the particular category from the left sidebar. It offers additional tweaks like to create system restore points, tweaks for memory management and much more. You can open its console to see all the changes that have been done to review those changes.


    #10 – SetteMaxer

    This portable utility consumes minimum system resources and offers great tweaking options. Using this tool, you need not make manual changes you require as all tweaks can be done instantly using this tool.

    You can use these amazing tweaking tools for Windows 7 to customize your system according to your needs. These simple tweaks can help you increase your system performance effortlessly.

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