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    What makes .NET Core the Microsoft Framework of your Choice

    With a plethora of technologies being made available by Microsoft for developers, it becomes a challenging task for a dedicated .NET programmer to choose the right set of Microsoft technologies for development.

    If we talk about a scenario where a developer employed .NET Web forms and later migrated to MVC, followed by Web API and also included WCF (Windows Communication Foundation) for a while, it looks like the developer is somewhat confused when it comes to choosing a development stack.

    However, the ASP .NET core is the latest in a progression that developers must target as part of the standard .NET framework? We often end up selecting something which might have a broad learning curve and low productivity — alternatively, something with a small learning curve but not scalable. Also, there is a dilemma in using a technology that can obsolete very soon.

    .NET Core is a high-performance framework for open source development. It is entirely free and cross-platform compatible, which enable it to run on MacOS and Linux in addition to Windows. As it is re-written from the ground, it is much faster, and more significantly, it unifies the previous MVC and ASP.NET into one single entity.

    ASP.NET Core is also a cross-platform collection of libraries, which form a framework for developing web applications. It can run not only on .NET Core but also on the regular .NET framework. It means that your ASP.NET Core applications can use both the frameworks. The advantage of this is that for the first time you can run the .NET code natively on MacOS and Linux, which is not different from Java.

    .NET Core offers a plethora of benefits over the traditional .NET framework. Let’s have a look at the significant .NET Core benefits:


    1. Performance 

    As .NET has been written up from scratch, it is more optimized and scalable. It offers better performance, faster, robust and more secure than other frameworks.

    2. Platform independent 

    You can run the .NET core code not only on Windows but also on Linux or MacOS. Its excellent flexibility feature enables you to not to spend on expensive windows machines for deploying your projects.

    3. Run multiple versions side by side 

    .NET Core allows you to run numerous .NET versions on one single machine seamlessly. The framework is built to make it an easier task.

    4. Kestrel & Docker 

    The .NET Core comes with a compact and efficient cross-platform web server, known as Kestrel. You can either use it to host your project or set it up to work in your Docker container.

    5. Microservices 

    The microservices architecture is serving as a significant way for software development companies to engineer their decentralized applications, which are robust and responsive. It can be your best choice for development via microservices.

    Conclusion – .NET Core is a stable technology, and it’s here to stay while driving more of developers’ interest in it. The .NET Core 3 is also on-board now with many salient features.

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