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    New Features to Know Before Migrating to Sharepoint 2019

    In this cloud centred business technology, businesses are not focusing on on-premises systems. The only on-demand on-premise business system in SharePoint. In this year 2019, we will see the next generation features of office servers like SharePoint and Skype for Business. It hits the general availability, and bring back the past three years of innovation from cloud to the data centre. Let’s have a look at the new SharePoint 2019 features.


    Microsoft Sharepoint

    Microsoft SharePoint is a collaboration platform and document management, and It helps companies to work and manage the reports, archives, documents and other content that is necessary to the business organisation. Enterprise Content Management is the primary focus of SharePoint, even all sectors use it. We can find out the SharePoint use cases in every department of an organisation.

    Sharepoint can be configured using a Web Browser. It can be used to manage the site structure, enable or disable product features, create and delete sites, configure basic workflows, and maintain analytics. Even can share capabilities via Web or UI.


    New SharePoint 2019 features

    Let’s discuss the long journey of Sharepoint 2019- a new privilege. SharePoint 2019 is a new platform for choice and flexibility, and it is recreated to concentrate on peoples from different platforms like laptops, desktops, phones to tablets etc.

    The SharePoint 2019 gives easy access to apps, content and people. It saves searching time and spends more time to work. In SharePoint 2016 the major drawback was lots of modern SharePoint feature.

    SharePoint 2019 comes with a large of the modern search experience. By adopting cloud as a baseline, Microsoft provides a seamless collaboration and communication experience to 2019 users. It includes new features like Team news and sites, Communications Sites, Lists and Libraries with Next Generation Sync Client and broader data mobility and it provides the steady approach to user documents at any time, anywhere. Along with this, it gives aid for forms technology and process automation with Microsoft flow and Powerapps to connect with on-premises data. SharePoint 2019 mainly focuses on 3 Areas.

    • User experiences through SharePoint Online.
    • Content engagement across all devices and browsers.
    • Powerful compliance capabilities and scaling security.


    Let’s have a look at the new features of SharePoint 2019:

    Microsoft has made a significant investment in aligning and overhauling the SharePoint and create a OneDrive to the vibrant customer experience. The Sharepoint 2019 is an extended version of Sharepoint 2016. It comes with new and updated in-built features like on-premise version and others, lacking in the previous versions.


    1. SharePoint Home Page

    User can easily find and access the SharePoint home page and it’s  related sites within the organisation. Users can easily find news from the suggested websites and with admin permission, they can create sites from the home page.


    1. New Team & Site pages

    Communication sites play a vital role in news sharing, broadcast messages and story presentation to people. In new SharePoint 2019, the new Hero web part can exhibit up to five items among text, links and images paying concern to the significant content.


    1. List and Libraries

    The new preview of SharePoint 2019, provides the modern experience for lists and libraries in team sites, it brings a unique experience to users with SharePoint Online. In 2019 the default lists and library are well optimised and allows the user to move and copy the files by utilising the rule bar along with add files, sort, filter & pin documents easily, and apply a format to columns.


    1. Modern Search Experience

    Sharepoint 2019 has got unique features that enables users to get a new search experience. In the present day with technological advancements, searching for any thing became easy. The results appears automatical as soon as we start typing  The search results page will shows the exclusive overview of search results, which are segmented based on their category and update them according to our modifications.


    1. New Pages

    In 2019, new pages are built with web parts, which can be customized according to user needs. The user can manage images, documents, embed videos, site activities, Yammer feeds and other things. It allows the user to use Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents and embed videos etc.


    1. Lists

    The new SharePoint Lists provide access to individuals and teams, share and collaborate the structured data and bring back information to SharePoint from other systems. The Lists in 2019 make it easy to use and interact with the information.


    Sunsetted Features in Modern SharePoint:

    SharePoint focuses constantly on collaboration to build intranets. SharePoint 2019 continues collaboration with more features, helps users to work together on lists, libraries, files, etc. According to release note number of features are on the way with SharePoint 2019. The features sunsetting in the new SharePoint:

    • Aggregate News Feed
    • Custom Help
    • Code-based sandbox solutions
    • SharePoint Designer 2013
    • Multi-Tenancy
    • Visio Services


    The latest version of SharePoint comes with new features like improved administration, modern user experience, OneDrive Sync Client support, amphibious capabilities etc. It will bring back value addition to the business organisations. Additionally, implements to improve the user-experience and automate the business process  by integrating Microsoft flow and Powerapps.

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