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    Microsoft Office 2019 – All the Changes You Should Know

    Microsoft 2019 is a detached version of the Microsoft software suite which means that it is not cloud-based like Microsoft 365.

    It is a perpetual release which means that you will only have to buy it once and it will be yours forever without having to pay subscription fees each year. With that in mind, you should also know that you will get a license that will allow you to use it on a single PC which is different from the annual subscription of Microsoft Office 365 which allows you to use it on a PC, a Smartphone, and a tablet.

    This new release has upgraded the 2016 versions of Access, Word etc. and it also has the features that have been included only in Office 365 for the past 3 years. Below are the changes and upgrades to expect in Office 2019 if you shift from Office 2016:


    1. Microsoft Word

    With Office 2019, Microsoft has put its focus into helping you focus even better when you are writing using Word. To achieve this, Word 2019 has been incorporated with a rich feature called the Focus mode.

    The focus mode reduces the displayed UI elements and also reduces too much light from the screen. If you download Office 2019 you will have new learning tools which include; translating features, text spacing and the new text to speech feature. If you are using Mac you will have a customizable ribbon also called drop-down menu in your version of the Word interface.


    1. Outlook

    Office 2019 is all about enabling you to focus better. Outlook has got a new feature known as Focus Mode. This new mode helps with streamlining workflow and email drafting. Besides, it gives users the ability to use the ‘@’ command to tag people in emails, and the contact cards have been renovated.

    When using Mac you will get new email templates, read receipts, and a send letter function that will schedule the time of delivery. When using a PC you will have travel and delivery cards. Both PC users and Mac users will get the Office 365 group integration.


    1. Excel

    At last, some changes have been done to Excel. New formulas, support for 2D maps and timelines, and chart options have been added.

    These functions are to organize your data and present it better. When using PC you will get upgraded on Power Query, power pivot, and also the ability to export to Power BI.


    1. PowerPoint

    The changes that have been made on PowerPoint are mainly about visual element support during presentations and enhanced media generally.

    The major changes here are that PowerPoint 2019 will support 3D model display and operation and SVG files on slides. It also has the ability to export your presentation in 4K UHD video format, new morph transitions and now you can write by hand and move elements using your pencil while editing.


    1. OneNote

    One can argue that the biggest changes in Office2019 will be experienced in OneNote. This is like a whole new OneNote release that could even replace OneNote 2016 even though OneNote 2016 will continue to be available and will be supported by Microsoft through 2016. The OneNote for Windows 10 contains support features like ink-to-text, which supports speech to text conversion of typed words. Besides, it also comes with better syncing between connected devices.

    To add on to these specific upgrades of the programs, there are changes that have been made to the Office 2019 software as a whole. One of the biggest changes is that Microsoft has really worked on digital pencils this time around. There is the, roaming pencil case, which allows you to write using your hand and move parts of the document using the pencil. Other changes include a new support for pressure and tilt recognition. Office 2019 also has reduced network bandwidth use and some changes on the monthly security updates.


    The system requirements for Office 2019

    For Office 2019 you will need windows 10 on your PC since Microsoft will not support Windows 7 or 8. Microsoft will make available versions of 32 bit and 64 bit of Office 2019.

    For Mac users, every time a new version of MacOS will be released, Office 2019 will be supported by the new version and the other two versions to be released before it.


    Will office 2019 replace Office 365?

    No. after announcing the release of the software Microsoft pointed out that office 2019 is standalone software whose main target is private users and businesses that do not have the internet required to use cloud-based Office 365.

    Microsoft also stated that Office 2019 will be getting regular security checks but it will not be getting its features updated or expanded. On the other hand Office 365 will continue to get new and upgraded features monthly.

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