Android L 5.0 Rom for Micromax Canvas 2.2 A114 Material+ Rom

by Maitreya PatniOctober 31, 2014

Note : This Rom has been updated with the SD Card Storage Bug Fixed, visit here for the updated version.

Android L 5.0 Rom for Micromax A114 Canvas 2.2 (Infinity ROM)

Before proceeding further please make sure that your handset is rooted and have install CWM Recovery, if not then visit below links to do so :-

This is a Custom Rom for Micromax Canvas 2.2 A114 and MyPhone Agua Cyclone (As both of these phones have same specifications).

Material+ Rom

Rom Features :-

  • Completely Android L Themed
  • Debloated
  • Rooted
  • Zipaligned
  • Tweaked
  • Init.d Supported
  • Dual SIM 3G
  • Dolby Digital Audio
  • Material+ Boot Logo
  • Awesome Android Boot Animiation
  • Added Material+Wallpaper
  • Stable
  • Smooth
  • Improve Ram
  • Material GUI
  • 8 MP back cam
  • 5 MP front cam
  • Ultimate Responsiveness
  • Highly Tweaked
  • Transparent Status Bar
  • Init.D Scripts
  • New L Themed Dialer
  • Amazing RAM Management
  • Android Lollipop Icons, Settings UI
  • Many More


Screenshots :-



Installation Instructions :-

Note : This Rom has been updated with the SD Card Storage Bug Fixed, visit here for the updated version.

Step 1 :- Please make sure that you have rooted device and installed CWM Recovery.

Step 2 :- Backup your current ROM using CWM Recovery.

Step 3 :– Download the ROM zip file from download section below.

Step 4 :– Put the zip file in the root of your sdcard.

Step 5 :- Now go to Recovery Mode and do a Wipe data/factory reset, Go to advance and wipe dalvik cache.

Step 6 :- Now Select Install Zip from SD Card and then select downloaded zip file and flash it.

Step 7 :- Reboot your device and then Go to Settings > Storage and change default storage disk to Internal Storage.

Step 8 :- Now again boot into the recovery mode and flash Material+0.2 Update zip and reboot.

That’s it, Enjoy Android L Experience.

Downloading :-

Credits :-


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If you face any problem regarding this Rom then please comment below and also share your feedbacks.

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  • AVI

    my sd card is not showing after flashing this rom.

  • Kashyap

    Missing internal storage space and Google play issue please fix it fast this rom looks good

  • Kashyap

    Really a great rom please fix the bugs with internal storage
    One more thing this rom doesn’t show thumbnails or icons in other galleries
    I loved this rom and want to continue with this please fix as early as possible
    Really really a great rom till now

    • i found a temporary solution for the storage problem.

      with any root explorer go to system/etc and replace “vold.fstab” and “vold.fstab.nand” files with any other Rom’s same files, after that reboot your device and go to storage settings and change primary write disk to sd card.

      • Kashyap

        I will give it a try thank you

      • Naga Raju

        please tell me about ”files with any other Rom’s same files” or upload that files

      • Kashyap

        I have tried replacing files with xbeast rom’s but no use still the same
        One more thing swiftkey language packs aren’t loading in this rom
        No thumbnails or icons in 3rd party apps

      • jagdish

        I want link please send me link i use micromax a 114 i want to installinstall 5.0 loillpop please send link i tride anything but i cantget link.

  • Kunal Mahajan

    in the screenshots i can see that this rom is in any other launguage is this rom available in english ?

    • Kashyap

      Yes this rom is in English only

    • Yes it is in english.

  • Abhishek

    guys the rom looks good but m worried after reading the comments! please keep updating MaiTreya once this is bug free il go ahead and install it!

    • Kashyap

      Abhishek if you know how to use link2sd go ahead and use this rom only problem that we cannot use 1.4 gb of internal storage

  • pls sent links from others of rom ,dite not openning in mega in my site pls give other thank u

  • Kashyap

    Maitreya ji can you fix these bugs
    there isn’t any response from devs this rim is good but storage issue is the major bug

  • Kunal Mahajan

    can anyone give me the working download link…

  • Ashis Mohanty

    wrking link plz

  • rahil

    adfly and mega doesnt work in india

  • Shubham Rajpal

    do we have to directly install the update version or 1st we have to flash the normal version and then the update ????? amd please help me with internal app storage

  • lovesh

    link is not working. i just need the working link plz. as from screenshots i can look it is great rom for my canvas with android l please update the link.

  • Santhosh Venkateshwaran

    Download Link ain’t working…. a working link please…. the roms looks awesome in the screenshots… thanks in advance…

  • Rohit Sable

    Can we move install app 2 sd card in dis rom like we do in stock? N wat about battery bkup… hv u fixed da bugs?

  • Babloo Naren

    MaiTreya PaTni plz fix the bug of internal storage

    • Shripad Dhotre

      Nope yet my phone does not show external SD card

  • Suresh

    please please change the link…please

  • sanjit singh

    Big bug…no internal sd support…not able to install any rooted apps..please fix it for 5 stars…

    • Shripad Dhotre

      Same problem here. Can you solve it

  • Jashveer Singh

    Anybody have vold.fstab & vold.fstab.nand if yes then please give it to me…

  • jagbeer singh

    There are various bugs.
    Like. When opening says unfortunately calendar has stopped…and various widgets have been gone…please fix these issues

  • Bilal Fazlani

    Could you please let us know if these bugs are going to be fixed ?

  • Shripad Dhotre

    Big bug….my phone does not show external SD card any solution

  • a t

    Cannot download any media and SD card is not missing.

    • a t

      I mean SDcard is missing.

  • mirrr

    This Custom Rom is owsem but please add Polish language to your ROMS, PLEASE!

  • Jashveer Singh

    Any bug?

  • Jashveer Singh

    Pls tell me is there any bug in this rom

  • Abdul Khader

    Hi I have rooted my Micromax Canvas 2.2 A114 (purchased on May 2014) yesterday before taking a Back up of my manufacturer ROM. I found that the WiFi connection to any home router does work (gets connected) but unable to use the connection for any data transfer (unable to browser web pages in any browser or use WhatsApp or other App that uses Internet). I took a backup of my ROM after that.

    What is the best direction I can take which doesn’t make the situation worser.

    1. Can I trust this Android Lollipop 5.02 ROM above completely and flash my original ROM for upgrade which could solve the WiFi issue (or any new issues from appearing making the situation much worser) ?
    2. Roll back using old ROM (available anywhere to download)?
    3. Any other fix available for the WiFi issue?

    Please help me out I hope I should not brick my phone as it may make it void of guarantee..

    • aabdulk

      My WiFi issue has been resolved automatically when I connected back again on my public network. Possibly due to some IP address conflict. I did ‘Fix Permissions’ on the Uncle Tools before that. Not sure whether that has resolved the issue. Some one with similar issues kind try both the root causes.

      Now am still unsure whether to replace my stock ROM with ‘Android L’ ROM given above. Kindly advise.
      Thanks a ton.

  • Ajit Patil

    this rom is awesome but major issue with storage..
    internal sd card is missing
    and when connected to pc using usb cable only internal is shown ext sd is not shown..
    please fix those issues other than that didn’t find any other issues..
    and it is great rom.. plz fix it…
    sorry for bad English 😛

  • Ayush Bali

    can you please give alternative link

  • Ishu Singh

    no solution for the sd card fix. i have tried every possible way but its not working. you must upload the roms after checking them for any lags or bugs. as for the iphone+ rom, i must say that i have never used any rom tooo much laggy and causing my phone to hang every second. you are uploading roms without checking on your device. atleast post the issues that the rom is facing with the details about the rom. the best rom till date is the galaxy xi rom and the xperia cyclone v2 rom which i am using presently.

  • Neeraj Kumar

    admin please tell me whether sd card bug is removed or not????
    and if there is any new version kindly provide link

  • Nice Chawla

    Have anyone tried this rom any bugs

  • Gaurav

    The front camera in canvas 2.2 is 2 MP not 5 MP.

  • Ishu Singh

    fixed sd card problem. But Freedom and Gravitybox is not working as of now.

    • ApPY.fTw,wOw^

      how u fixed?? pls tell us

    • RuMo

      plzz tell us how to solve it

    • Poojith

      That link on issofts is broken i think
      (Rom) update v2 is fine and ok but when i download the rom 270 mb approx after some time it gets failed… Help me plzz
      Sd card bug fix…

      • what is ur internet speed? the link isn’t broken, just remove the spaces and u r good to go. i can see the downloads being completed from my side so there must be an issue of slow network speed or disconnection in server. As for an alternate, that would take possibly a week or so, until then, i am sorry i cannot help u if the download is not getting completed.

        • Prabhakara

          can u port mtk65xx lollipo rom of canvas xpress? ? Both have same chipset…

          • i am not a developer bro, i m just a geek who likes to find and solve errors and problems.

          • sorry buddy, i am not a developer. i only like to fix the bugs but i am unable to port roms. you can ask these from anurag, saksham or abhishek who port roms for this device. i think it would also be great if you may visit MIUI and Cyanogenmod and request them to port MIUI 6 or CM11 or CM12 based roms for A114 device. That would be wonderful.

      • the links on issofts have been updated. check out and tell me if there is any problem. sorry to reply you so late

      • visit again, you will see links from both google drive and dropbox. try google drive first, it will be surely working.

  • RuMo

    Is the bug of sd card fixed?

  • Ishu Singh

    visit “issofts .blogspot .com” remove the spaces inside the quotes. i will upload the bug free roms there regularly. material rom will be uploaded shortly. here are the screenshots for the repaired rom.

    • Bakra Kumar Majnu

      Dude, please post an official lollipop for a114 like unite 2.. Pleaseee

      • i am also waiting for the developers to do the porting, but until then, this is the only one.

      • sorry buddy, i am not a developer. i only like to fix the bugs but i am
        unable to port roms. you can ask these from anurag, saksham or abhishek
        who port roms for this device. i think it would also be great if you may
        visit MIUI and Cyanogenmod and request them to port MIUI 6 or CM11 or
        CM12 based roms for A114 device. That would be wonderful.

  • vinit solanki

    link brocked….. pls upload new link

  • Ayush Paliwal

    mega link is blocked plz help

  • Archer

    why is da kernel vertion of dis rom??? is it 3.4.56??

  • Suriya Narayanan

    My storage memory goes to zero but its show SD card memory. SD memory show phone memory pls help

  • akshay

    can micromax android 1 lollipop rom works on micromax a114

  • NEIL

    hi all,

    i trying to upgrade my micromax a114 to 5.0 . during up gration ” Go to advance and wipe dalvik cache.”option not come.can some one help me resolve that !!!!????

  • Sitabja Pal

    Please make an original Android 5.0 ROM for canvas 2.2 no any themed ROM..

  • Hacking Master

    volume is extremely low, sd card not recognised(internal) any fix for these????

  • mukesh

    can some one tells me that how to download this rom

  • Smart Boy Sharma

    i just downloaded this rom yesterday and installed it
    rom is very very good
    but i need something to be changed like –
    1) i did not like the screen when call comes (just make it look more interesting) i also post a picture of it so just i need to change its style as it was quite bore..not feels like wow
    2)i also did not like the calculator and clock – improve them
    3)sound is quite less as compared to previous stock rom…so need to increease it
    4)i request you to add ultra power saving feature of samsung if possible as power is draing fast
    5) some screen look are not good as when we call someone the screen is quite bore
    so just need to change these things to make it look real awesome rom

    • Raj Krishna Jha

      Funny guyz…

  • Chetan

    hw to do the last step i am not able to find the Material+0.2 Update zip

  • Raj Krishna Jha

    For those who are unable to download this rom directly on mobile pl download puffin browser from play store . It is totally free and the open the link or this site of broodle and go for download. U will be able to download easily.

  • vivek singh

    dangerous storage problem

  • azam

    After restoring to earlier rom it still shows mat+boot logo how fix it ,,,thanks