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    The Top 7 Restaurant Equipment Items to Help You Succeed

    Working in the restaurant industry requires you to have the equipment that is necessary to prepare quality dishes that are fresh and delicious.

    To do this, you will need to have the best restaurants equipment and professional cooking products that are currently available.

    The Top Restaurant Equipment Items to Help You Succeed

    Whether you are opening your new establishment or want to improve your current restaurant, these items will help you keep your customers happy.

    Restaurant Gas Range

    Gas ranges are ideal for professional chefs because they help you control the amount of heat produced, which results in precise cooking. Gas ranges are often preferred over electric because they heat up faster and they’re more reliable.

    Heavy-Duty Electric Range

    While gas ranges have their benefits, some cooks prefer the convenience of an electric range. The Garland/US Heavy Duty Range features 2 boiling plates, a storage base, heat switches and a stainless-steel front. When it comes to restaurant equipment, this range is an exceptional deal.

    Floor Model Electric Fryers

    If you own a burger joint or the popular community dinner, then you will need to have a floor model electric fryer. These units allow you to fry up all types of food from chicken tenders to fries and onion rings in a matter of minutes. They are a must-have item for your growing restaurant.

    Convection Ovens

    Convection ovens help to cook food faster by using rapid air circulation. This provides you with fast and consistent results that you wouldn’t be able to get from a traditional oven. A Convection oven can improve food quality and taste whether you are baking, broiling, or roasting.


    Heated Shelves

    If you own a buffet restaurant, or simply need an easy way to keep your food hot as you wait for customers to order, a commercial heated shelf can be a great benefit. It is the ideal product for baked goods, sandwiches, plate warming and more. These shelves are constructed from aluminum alloy material to provide even and consistent heat.


    Walk-In Coolers

    A commercial walk-in cooler can provide you with ample storage for all your frozen food items. These high-capacity coolers are perfect for large-scale restaurants and foodservice operators such as bars, catering companies, and concessions. Plus, using walk-in coolers can help you save on your monthly energy costs while you reduce the costs that are associated with upkeep and maintenance.


    Mega Top Tables

    Mega Top Tables are the perfect countertops for restaurants because most models also feature a refrigerated area underneath for storage. These tables have ample space on top for preparing food or slicing up vegetables. You can also use them to store ingredients such as deli meats and veggies for sandwiches.


    Have You Got Everything Covered?

    When you first open a restaurant, it takes some time to get to the level of success that you had hoped for. But when you have the right crew, and the right type of equipment, you will be able to achieve your goals and create an establishment that the people of your community will enjoy eating it.

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