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    Top 5 Email Marketing Tools for Your E-commerce Stores

    Email marketing seems to be obsolete but still is one of the most used marketing technique used by several major businesses. Experts think that email marketing is more effective than that of other marketing techniques been utilized.

    The best thing about email marketing is that you own your list. It is a result driven and focused marketing technique. It is the best way to reach out to the customers when you are striving on a search engine and social media for organic search and referral traffic. If you’ve not been utilizing the potential of email marketing then it is high time to get started with it. There are several amazing email-marketing tools available in the market which makes the task all the more easier for us.


    How to choose the best email marketing software for your business?

    Choosing the right tool can be great pain. As we have several of many software available in the market, it is difficult to identify the best for your business. So we have gathered a few features which will help you identify the best tool for email marketing.

    • The tool offers templates that can be customized according to the need.
    • The tool should offer audience segmentation features for rolling out targeted emails.
    • Smart Automation to mechanize your email marketing efforts
    • They should offer Opt-in forms which can be incorporated on your website or e-commerce platforms
    • Provides detailed analytics to monitor the success of an email marketing campaign

    Every tool has a different approach to these points. You need to find out the tools which provide the most user-friendly services. We have shortlisted a few of the best email marketing tools. Experts vouch for them for the amazing results.


    Best Email marketing tools for e-commerce stores:

    Here is a list of best email marketing tools for e-commerce stores that are ruling the market.

    1. MailChimp:

    Want to know who can better utilize the full potential of Mailchimp? The merchants who are looking for an intuitive email marketing platform from free to paid services.


    The notable features of MailChimp involve:

    • Provide you with free templates and drag and drop features to easily get started with your marketing campaign
    • Mail chimp offers 200 plus integrations which also include Zapier. Zapier allows you to connect with thousands of apps and automate many functionalities for you.
    • The best thing about MailChimp is that it expanded back in 2018 and now support all the other marketing campaigns like social media, Google ads etc.


    2. Omnisend:

    Omnisend is best for merchants who do not want to spend a load of time over creating automated email campaigns.


    • It provides a free trial of 14 days to understand the functioning as well as the interface of the platform.
    • It allows you to send out up to 15000 emails
    • Omnisend provides robust automation. It is a pricey email marketing tool but totally worth every penny of it.
    • User integration is literally seamless in Omnisend. It offers dynamic sign-up boxes, customized pop-ups, and landing pages to expand the email list.


    3. Conversio:

    Conversio is an amazing tool for merchants who want to engage with old customers as well as want to acquire new ones to build brand loyalty. For example, you’re selling Xfinity internet and cable TV packages. See Xfinity details here You’d like to keep your old customers engaged with the news and views and also want to acquire new customers. So, Conversio would be a great tool for you.


    The most prominent features of Conversio are:

    • Marketing via email is laser-focused on transactional and lead generating emails.
    • Powerful Segmentation especially created for cross and upselling.
    • It provides a free trial of 30 days with all the features Conversio
    • It collects and leverages customer reviews for effective email marketing


    4. Remarkety:

    Remarkety can be best utilized by the merchants who require ready-made campaigns to get them started in a short while.


    • It takes ready-made campaigns to a whole new level. It offers smart product recommendation generated by efficient AI systems. The software tends to boost the delivery rate by 99%.
    • Offer smart reporting features.
    • Provide active feedback over the running campaigns


    5. Klaviyo:

    Klayvio is best for the merchants who are willing to go all in on their email marketing campaigns. The amazing features of this tool have gained itself great credibility.


    • Offer exceptional segmentation for an e-commerce platform
    • Automate the work to a great extent
    • Provide several editorial features
    • Offer user reporting features

    The free version Klaviyo allows up to 250 subscribers and you can roll out around 500 emails. The paid version of Klaviyo starts from $25. Prices go higher as your list grows. This tool is best suitable for e-commerce platforms which are willing to invest in their email marketing.

    The above-discussed tools are highly recommended by digital marketing experts. They provide the best of the features makes email marketing effective. They help you build a better relationship with the existing customers and also with the acquisition of new customers.

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