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    Top 5 Best Tools for Email Marketing in 2019

    Social media might be an undisputed king in the marketing domain. And then you have emails… You may think of emails as grandparents to social media marketing. Nevertheless, email marketing even today proves that it is still viable and effective. Some of today’s marketers do not deem emails to be “trendy” or “cool” as it comes to contacting clients, but email has stood the test of time and established themselves as an effective method of communication.

    You can use email marketing for various purposes such as promoting your app, pushing newsletters or just informing your clients about that special offer you’ve been preparing. 

    Let’s dive in and check out some of the best email marketing tools to make sure you hit that conversion.



     Litmus is a highly versatile tool, which you can utilize to track and test email. You can test your emails in traditional web tools and with popular mobile devices such as Android or iPhone.

     Use Litmus for render testing and be certain that your creative is optimized for any of the available devices. You can test more than 40 clients and instruments, and with a simple click, Litmus can obtain a test email to an address so you can send it to your ESP for distribution. 


    Litmus comes with a free trial lasting 7 days, while the premium version can be purchased for 399$ a month. Other packages include 149$ for the plus version and 79$ for the basic one.


    Mail Chimp

    Even though its funny name or humorous message throw you off. Mail Chimp is all business when it comes to gathering data, sending emails and boosting performance.

    With Mail Chimp, you can even send out surveys. For example, you can use this option for your subscribers to vote between one of your services.

    The dashboard is very neat and clear: import lists, create and send campaigns and building your audience.


    MailChimp offers a free subscription for 2000 users or 12,000 per month. For an account with no limits, pricing starts from 10$.


    Constant Contact

    Talking about email marketing we must mention Constant Contact. Their team has been around for over 20 years and they are one of the leading experts in email marketing today.

    Their service boasts with automatic welcome emails, testing of subject lines and contact segmentation based on clicks. Also, you can include coupons, events, and polls into your emails.

    Drag and drop editing are also included making your interaction with software enjoyable. 


    Constant Contacts starts from 20$ per month to 45$ a month. If this is a bit out of your budget you can always check out some of the best constant contact alternatives.



    Drip is an email marketing platform which is packed with many useful features, including message personalization, e-commerce platform integration (Shopify included) and comprehensive data analytics.

    It supports several tools for building emails, some of the visual and others text-based. This helps create meaningful image-driven marketing with a follow-up message that is more personal and targeted to an individual user.


    The Drip starter package is free to use up to 100 subscribers. The Basic package starts around 41$ for 2,500 subscribers and the Pro costs 83$ monthly for 5,000 subscribers.

    Mad Mimi

    Creation of professional-grade emails is easy with Mad Mimi’s simple editor. Choose from 39 social networking options like share, like and pin, and easily customize your emails to add links.

    It is worth mentioning that you can copy campaigns using the clone tool by adjusting the original document without making changes to previous versions of your work. For sloppy ones among us, there is no need to worry about deleting your campaigns as you can always undo deletion!


    Mad Mimi starts from 10$ per month for a basic account for 500 contacts and the pro package of 42$ for 10,000 contacts.


    Cake Mail

    Cake Mail’s tools have your entire email campaign covered. One of the great features includes split A/B testing. Alongside with Google integration, it lets you view detailed stats on how well a campaign is doing.

    Just give your campaign a title, set your recipients, design your email and pick a time to send. There are twenty different templates with fully customizable options or you can upload your own.


    Free starter pack allows 500 contacts along with 500 emails. The basic package starts from 8$ per month.


    To conclude

    Starting your email campaign is a little bit of a tech-savvy task. But with these tools hopefully, you will be successful in pushing those emails!

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