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    Tips To Leverage SMS Marketing For Our Business

    This is the era of shortened attention spans. Most users of services hardly have the time for browsing through lengthy or time-consuming ads and promotional campaigns. The need of the hour is to have a crisp, powerful and convenient method of keeping users informed. And nothing can do it better than an SMS.  Mobiles have become more of an extension of humans and leveraging the power of mobiles is one of the sharpest strategies. Here is how you can use an SMS marketing tool effectively.


    The Rise Of Smartphone Usage

    Smartphones now account for most of the searches launched for services and products. Smart marketing leverages this by reaching out to prospect and customers through SMS, with links to the promotional offers. When you use jookSMS for SMS marketing, you can reach out to individuals who will find the offer attractive and quickly click on the link to avail the offers and learn more about the promotional campaign. The strike rate of such campaigns is a lot more than other expensive campaigns.  Many other expensive campaigns sometimes fall flat because of the lack of convenience and the need to read through a lot of material.

    SMS Marketing for business


    Targeted Marketing Campaigns

    Mass marketing campaigns are passed. It is now the era of targeted and specialized marketing campaigns. In other words, it means that you need to focus all of your efforts on a particular segment of customers and prospects who will need your services and products the most. With the power of analytics and integration into your existing applications, it is possible to disseminate information about products and services to targeted customers. This will offer the best results, compared to mass marketing campaigns.


    Just In Time Marketing

    Selling products and services to clients at the right time is of paramount importance. This just in time marketing is proving its success across campaigns. An individual who is looking for a service may have chanced upon your website or a banner ad. Rather than leaving the customer to understand more about the product and the offer, it would be a good idea to reach out to the customer with an SMS that will take him/her to the specific product page with a special offer. This will help to convert the prospect into a client.

    SMS marketing


    Short & Crisp SMSes Are Of Great Marketing Value

    A short and crisp SMS that is direct and to the point is certainly a better option than a lengthy and long winded email. Users will get to understand the product and attractive discounts easily. Mobile phones are ubiquitous, and a user can check out messages as and when required. It could be while traveling in a car while waiting for a colleague, or standing in line during a checkout. And this also does not require the need for being connected all the time. This is what makes SMS marketing a better option than most of the other promotional campaigns and offers. Handled properly, an SMS marketing campaign integrated with other applications and APIs of a business can be one of the most effective, with good results.

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