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    The 8 Laws of Social Media Marketing

    According to an Oberlo survey, 73% of marketers believe that social media marketing has had a “significant to very significant impact” on their brand image and business success. Even though this percentage is not to be ignored – it begs an important question. Are brands harnessing all the power of social media marketing?

    Unfortunately, no. A major factor in this untapped potential is the fact most marketers don’t abide by the fundamental laws of social media marketing.

    We’ve asked some of the most renowned experts in the marketing business and narrowed down “social media legislature” into 8 integral laws. Master them and your goals won’t seem unrealistic anymore.

    1. Planning is everything

    Sir Alex Ferguson famously said – “Complacency is a disease.” Although this quote can be applied to any industry or facet of life, nowhere is it mtruerthan in social media marketing. Too many brands approach social media without a goal. They brainstorm for hours and put up mediocre campaigns that may or may not yield results.

    If they achieve something, they grow complacent and stop planning completely. Don’t let your results fool you – consistency is king. Without a proper plan, you will see only sporadic improvements. Make a plan and stick to it until you see room for improvement.

    2. Brand unison is essential

    Every social media platform is special in its own way and we will discuss this later. While it is important to respect network-specific rules and approach each platform differently, you can’t risk “brand dissonance.”

    Brand dissonance is when your branding is not aligned across all platforms. You can’t be serious when talking to your customers on Facebook and crack jokes on Instagram.

    Social media marketing requires alignment. You have to maintain the same composure and the same strategies across all platforms. This approach will complement your content, your products and the overall conversion rate.

    3. Choose one platform to focus on

    Like we’ve said, not all social media networks are the same. Facebook, for instance, is ideal for communication with your followers and customers and aggressive product promotion. Instagram, on the other hand, features a lot more visual input that can drive your conversion rates upwards. However, you can’t be equally present on all platforms.

    Choose only one that is ideal for corresponding with your audience. Are your followers mainly old? Are they young? Do they expect premium service or just low prices? Adjust your focus according to analytical data.

    4. It’s not hard to learn

    You don’t have to go to college to master social media marketing. There are a lot of online courses that can help you understand the science of social media.

    No matter how accomplished you are, you can always build your knowledge up to be more efficient. While it is important to hire a qualified social media marketer, you can never be too knowledgeable.

    Study tools such as Facebook Audience Insights and Instagram Analytics to be a better brand manager and marketer. Knowing more will allow you to cooperate with your social media team and have a hands-on approach to every venture.

    5. Content shouldn’t be omitted

    Let’s be clear – nobody has enough money to purchase your products on a daily basis. People follow your social media pages because of knowledge and information. The best way to provide your followers with the right info is through content. Have a blog and use social media as an outlet to promote valuable insight about your particular niche.

    We know, it’s difficult to accomplish everything. That’s why you should lessen the overall workload by outsourcing written content.

    Look out for the best custom essay writing services for your content needs. NinjaEssays and NerdyWriters are the most famous services that you can use. You will get custom content to market on social media.

    6. Be consistent

    Everyone has a social media page now. This results in customers being surrounded by a myriad of pages and they don’t have the time or the will to follow all of them. How can you use this to your advantage? By respecting the most important social media law of all – consistency. Post on a daily basis and be devoted to the image and strategy you’ve chosen.

    The one thing that has no place is social media is the element of surprise. Your followers want to know what to expect and they want to get it every time they log in. Consistency results in respect and popularity.

    7. Effectively target

    Using analytical tools, you should get to know the demographics of your audience. For instance, if the majority of them are 18 to 35, you can insert modern lingo into your content. Older followers generally prefer brevity and proof in terms of numbers.

    Effectively target your main customer group to achieve all your goals. This is especially important for PPC campaigns. You will save a lot of money and achieve more by simply targeting your most active followers.

    8. Mobile-friendly is the key

    More than 70% of all social media access is via smartphone devices. To get your campaigns across platforms effectively, you must create content that is mobile-friendly. Make sure the images aren’t too large so that people with lower-end devices can see them.

    Ensure that everything you post can be enjoyed by anyone who wants to see it. People are looking for accessible and inclusive brands. The first step achieving this is to adjust your content for multiple platforms.

    To sum up

    Social media marketing is seen as a volatile niche, but even the most inconsistent variables can be observed. In spite of 88% of brands using social media as their main marketing platform, you can rise above the competition by mastering these 8 crucial laws. Apply them to existing marketing strategies and you will see hard work paying dividends.

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